Warlords of Draenor cinematic, release date, and other miscellaneous thoughts

It’s been quite a while since I chimed in here…

But now, with November 13th now solidly penciled in on the calendar, we have some long, long,


-awaited closure with respect to the Warlords of Draenor release date.

As I mentioned back in March, the 11/13/14 release date means, since it is indeed after October 21st, that

“Warlords will have both A) taken the longest time-after-previous-expansion to release of any expansion in the game’s history and B) given players the greatest amount of down-time after the previous expansion’s final content patch in the game’s history.”

So, we’ll have to see how this expansion unfolds, with respect to measured content updates and shorter downtime between final patches and new expansions. That will be another year or two (or more). Blizzard says that they are already working on the next one, but we’ve heard that before. They’re still bleeding subscriptions, and they failed to solve that problem this go-round, so we’ll see.

The question is, how many of us will see…

* * *

Anyway, how about that cinematic? I have to say, I loved it, in spite of the exclusion of anything other than male orcs and a demon. The setting was compelling, the production spectacular, and the action was thrilling. I absolutely loved the flying-Grommash-axe-to-the-head killing of Mannoroth.

I’ve watched the cinematic approximately twenty times. It makes me want to do two things: re-read Rise Of The Horde, and read all of the books post-The Shattering – in particular, War Crimes. That’s something to put on the list of things to get done within the next three months.

It was quite possibly the best cinematic yet. As good as Cataclysm’s seemed at the time, this and the trailer for Mists absolutely destroy it, in my opinion. Wrath’s was awesome too, and I loved the original WoW trailer as well. Darkbrew published a list of his favorites, and mine would be similar.

Here’s a recurring thought I have every time we get the expansion trailer: Blizzard should make a complete movie with CGI. I’m willing to be impressed by the live-action movie that will grace us in a couple of years, but I would love to see something killer like the past couple of cinematics become a major motion picture. Perhaps the cost/risk would be too great – I don’t know about these things. But hey, a guy can dream, right?

* * *

I’m still playing, although I basically stopped raiding near the end of June. My job has been stressful, and I wasn’t finding it a productive use of my time to come home from work and promptly beat my head against a wall until a couple of hours after midnight, particularly when I would have to be back at work early the next day.

In fact, I’m becoming convinced that my raiding days may be behind me. Barring a change of circumstances, I’m not going to have the time and focus to commit to raiding and raiding well. Real life comes first, and I am at an age and in a situation where I can’t let structure in WoW interfere with my future. The idea of not raiding can be a painful one, but the way I’ve felt the past few months, I don’t know that I can do it going forward.

With that (and other things) in mind, my plans for Warlords have been shifting over the past couple of weeks.

I had already planned to not race to level 100. What’s shifting may surprise the socks off of some of you…

I’m thinking of leveling a different toon first. As in, not Mushan.

* * *

Why not Mushan? I know, it seems anathema to lifelong hunters out there, but I’m not the average WoW hunter. I’ll be honest: I’m not terribly happy with what I’ve read about the changes to Survival. It seems like it’s a shadow of its former self. I know that’s a simplified way to look at changes to the spec – and I’ll certainly try it out when Patch 6.0 goes live – but I’m not feeling it right now.

And, while I feel a little better about Marksmanship than SV, it seems like, pre-numbers-pass, Beast Mastery is the way to go. And (here’s where I know I differ from other hunters) I don’t enjoy BM. To me, it’s like being a guy with a water gun and a remote-control car, and you shoot your water gun and remotely control your car, which sometimes gets stuck on a rock in the dirt or some other protrusion and ends up getting stepped on. Perhaps this reflects the true lack of skill I have in the game, but I’ve never enjoyed playing a hunter less in the post-mana era than when I went BM for Council of the Elders in ToT.

Anyway… *washes hands of the issue* I’ll be able to better make a decision on that when the patch goes live and I’ve had a chance to try out each spec to see if I like one of them.

* * *

As for what I’ve been up to in WoW, there hasn’t been much of note.

I’m steadily making cloth for Royal Satchels: So far, Mushan and my druid, Anacrusa, are fully Satcheled-up, with a few other Satchels on various other toons. Now that we have a release date, I’m certain that I will not have full Panda-bags on each of my main toons, but I won’t need that space immediately since I am not racing them all to 100 ASAP, so I will probably leave Modhriel (my Tailor) at Halfhill for the foreseeable future while that project is going on.

I’ve taken up PvP on my druid, which has been interesting. With a gear set largely composed of Timeless Isle gear, about a week ago I stepped in and started losing a lot of random BGs. Compounding the gear problem was my inability to play the spec well, and vice-versa. It’s been a long time since I PvPed regularly on my druid – three years or so – so there has been a lot to learn. I felt a bit guilty for holding my teams back, but I shouldn’t have – I wasn’t the main problem. Most games, we were getting crushed. Ana in full Prideful gear wasn’t going to turn most of those matches into wins, believe me.

Along the way, I’ve picked up a few pieces of Grievous, and the weapon will be next (and a huge upgrade). Things are getting better: I’m getting the hang of the spec, which is my #1(a) goal, with #1 being to have fun doing something that is both old and new.

Aside from that, I’m casually grinding Valor on my warrior, druid, DK, and paladin. My mage has had horrible luck getting a weapon to replace his T14 Sha-Touched sword, so I’ve basically given up on that (and on grinding other gear and Valor) with him. When he finally gets to Draenor, he’s going to destroy mobs anyway, so I’m not terribly worried about it. Frickin’ guy has a 544 ilvl, so I think he’s going to be just fine, even in spite of his 491 weapon…

I’ve also been hitting up some old raids on Mushan. A couple of friends and I went into Ulduar last weekend and wiped the floor with 25-player mode, which scored me a boatload of achievement points. Before that, we did the same in ICC-25. I also finally completed my Valorous Cryptstalker set on my hunter (at least to a point where I could use the gear), which I may talk about in the near future.

* * *

Without making this a book, these are just some miscellaneous bits from the world of Mushan.


More, soon. :)

* * *

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One Comment on “Warlords of Draenor cinematic, release date, and other miscellaneous thoughts”

  1. Jaeger says:

    The release date is around when I expected and it’s definitely been too long of a wait, even for me. I don’t really enjoy playing alts, so me leveling an alt means that I’m quite bored. After DS, I leveled a DK from 60 to 85. However after SoO, I leveled that DK from 85 to 90, a mage from 30 to 90, and a druid from 30 to 60 before getting too tired of alts. I even geared up the DK and mage somewhat doing Timeless and World Bosses. I still got bored though and am down to logging in for a few hours each week to post auctions and kill Ordos on my main (only have shoulders left). The announcement about MC LFR has gotten me to start farming MC again to work on Hydraxian rep.

    The cinematic was cool, but I don’t think it did a good job of introducing the story of WoD. It made me want to go play the old RTS games or read some of the lore. It didn’t make me want to play WoD though. The release date was what got me to finally pre-order…

    I rewatched all the cinematics. I’d rank them Cata > MoP > WoD/Wrath/BC > Classic. The Cata cinematic impressed upon me that there was a serious threat that we needed to fight against. MoP was just fun. WoD and Wrath both showed guys creating armies but there was no evidence in the trailers of a serious threat. BC was kind of like that as well, but a lot of the time was spent on cameos for the new races. And Classic was just cameos. Honestly, the old RTS cinematics stick with me more.

    I stopped raiding at the beginning of MoP for similar reasons. Work is already stressful. I want my game time to be fun and relaxing. Raid progression never fell in that category for me, so I gave it up. I’m mostly just a solo player now other than the occasional dungeon or scenario. I like quick instanced content. LFR is too frustrating (hour long wait followed by annoying jerks who should be banned from LFR). And raiding for 3+ hours straight with a team is just too much, especially when the team gets frustrated by banging our heads against a certain encounter…

    I’m glad they’re giving players 2.5 weeks to level instead of only a week. In Cata and MoP, I was always one of the first people in my guild at max level. That’s just how I play, but it’s nice having some extra time. In MoP, I did all the quests in each zone straight through and got Loremaster. I still leveled fast though. I’ll do the same in WoD. I’ll max out my garrison as much as possible and stuff like that.

    Regarding the specs, I’ve been a BM hunter since I started playing in Wrath (and BM sucked in Wrath). It’s just the spec that resonates the most with me.

    It’s funny that I haven’t bothered with any of the newer bags. I have mostly 22 slot bags on my main and 16-22 slot bags on my alts. I never felt like the newer bags were worth the cost. My bank and void storage on my main are full though and I have 9 alts + a guild bank to carry all the other stuff, so… I’m looking forward to the new reagent bank and that quest items won’t take up bag space. I hope they do the xmog update soon as well.

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