My favorite raid encounters as a hunter in Mists…

All of them.

Ok, well not really – that’s just my own predilection for hunters shining through!

Today, The Grumpy Elf wrote about his three favorite raid encounters as a hunter in MoP, and Delirium followed with his top five. As I read each of those great posts, I got to thinking about some of the fights I particularly enjoyed because I was playing a hunter, even if I wasn’t in love with the fights themselves. Here then, in no particular order, are some favorite moments/mechanics:

Imperial Vizier Zor’lok

  • Disengage to the furthest shield during Force and Verve on Platform 1? Check.
  • Continue rotation uninterrupted – by casting on the move – while avoiding discs during Attenuation on Platform 2? Check.
  • Quickly change targets to burst down Converted players on Platform 3? Check
  • Combine all three on the floor in Phase 2? Good fun.
  • Jump-Disengage from platforms –> Deterrence to avoid Pheromones of Zeal damage when transitioning between platforms? Check.

T14 was a butt for my raid team. We struggled to get past certain bosses like Stone Guard, Elegon, Blade-Lord, Garalon… yeah. It was rough. But I had fun on Zor’lok.

I used to try to Disengage directly into my assigned shield during Force and Verve. The first time I did it, I called it a ‘three-pointer,’ although it was more like a hole-in-one. It’s the simple things, right? Not an amazing feat, but fun nonetheless. But while Zor’lok wasn’t necessarily a ‘use all the tools in your toolbox’-type of fight, I really appreciated being a hunter on that fight.

Lei Shi

Let’s see here… how about I start with running while casting during Get Away! ? Yeah, that was great. I enjoyed that benefit while playing my hunter, but my appreciation for cast-on-the-move grew when I took my frost mage and resto druid into ToES. What a difference.

I also got to use Wyvern Sting to CC Animated Protectors during Protect, because it was instant / more reliable than Freezing Trap.

On the other hand, one of the more annoying things was having virtually nothing to do during Hide. Watching mages and warlocks rain down ice and fire made me nostalgic for good ol’ Volley in that case. And, in general, that fight was a pain with all of the phase changes and so on, so I didn’t necessarily enjoy it. However, being a hunter certainly served me well against Lei Shi.


Thok has “hunter fight” written all over it. Both Grumpy Elf and Delirium wrote about how great that fight is for hunters, and with more detail and expertise than I could. Nonetheless, it has to be mentioned here. Casting not interrupted? Jump-Disengaging with Posthaste when Fixated, while still damaging Thok on the move? Tranq Shot if necessary on the adds? The fight is a lot of fun for hunters. I’ve only ever done the fight on one other toon – my resto druid – and it’s a complete pain in the ass. But for hunters, Thok is definitely a good time.

* * *

I could continue with my list, but most of it would just rehash the posts that inspired it. I have to agree with Grumpy Elf that Sha of Pride was great for hunters. Additionally, I absolutely love his ‘welcome’ speech:

“Come, face me. Give in to your pride. Show me your ‘Greatness’.”

So, so condescending. I love it.

So many other fights were good for hunters. Gara’jal, Tsulong, and Immerseus come to mind immediately when I think about taking out adds in something akin to a turret-style manner. There are many abilities one can use during Will of the Emperor for add-control. Disengage is handy in so many fights, from Feng to Sha of Fear, Jin’rokh to Lei Shen, and throughout SoO. I’ve used Deterrence a lot on Stone Guard, H Jin’rokh, Dark Shaman, Lei Shen, and so on; Concussive Shot on Tortos, Will, Immerseus…

It’s been great to be able to interrupt/silence, slow, root, and otherwise impede mobs in raids – while almost continuously dealing sweet, sweet damage – throughout this expansion. It’ll be interesting to see how that kind of thing pans out in Warlords with a less diverse toolbox. In the meantime, it’s fun to look back and remember how, in spite of variable class balance *cough*, Mists has been a pretty fun expansion in which to play a hunter.

Thanks to The Grumpy Elf and Delirium for the inspiration for this post, and for sparking some good memories!

* * *

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6 Comments on “My favorite raid encounters as a hunter in Mists…”

  1. Delirium says:

    I considered will of the emperor, too. At first, in normals, we didn’t do much dps’ing at all on some adds, so we would end up with me and our other hunter kiting around the Strength (i think, the ones that drop the AoE stun hammer thing), which just makes doing your normal rotation a bit more interesting while jumping around their ability.

  2. […] sure to check out what Grumpy, Delirium and Mushan had to say about this topic. In the meantime, here my top five raid encounters from […]

  3. One thing I *STILL* have problems with on Immerseus is my pet desummoning itself. I have the Blink Strikes talent so it goes right behind whatever, but IMMERSEUS IS HUGEEEEEE, so quite often, my pet will get so far from me it desummons. (And when I’m in Beast Mastery, that is SO AWKWARD!)

    I love Thok. I love him when he eats the jerks in LFR.

  4. Quelys says:

    I couldn’t stand Lei Shi due to the halt of dps when the bugger vanished! Any time I had to stop dps I chucked a tantrum and stomped my feet :P

    • Mushan says:

      Good point. Not DPSing does indeed blow chunks!

      It still felt epic as hell when we defeated her, tho, which contributes to my warm feelings for the fight. :D

      Edit: I should say, epic as hell when things came together (for the kill) and I got to be more than ‘high DPS’ as a reason for enjoying the experience. We hunters do like to give props to our utility abilities, don’t we? :)

      • Quelys says:

        I would totally agree that the best kills are the ones that finally come together (and that seem to be a wall)… there were a couple of times when the kill came round and I had thoughts more align with “it is about fucking time…” though hahah.

        I would say one of my favourite kills would be heroic Horribledon, the kill came about after myself, our spriest and our lock saw the tanks go down so we ran to opposite sides of the room and bounced the boss between us for a good chunk of time – soulshatter/feign/fade… so great.

        I loved this article man! keep up the nostalgia – gives me the warm fuzzy feelings :P

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