Throne of Thunder: Megaera, Ji-Kun fall

"Barbecue Ji-Kun" - OMG I get it!!

“BBQ Ji-Kun” – OMG I get it!!*

This may have been our best raid weekend of Tier 15.

After an inauspicious start to the evening on Saturday, caused in part by the log-in issues plaguing the game recently (along with an inconvenient phone call to a healer during our first couple of attempts on the first boss), we did what I had thought we could do, which was to smash through the first four bosses of ToT in short order. Despite the early hiccups, we were on a roll, and it didn’t take many attempts before Megaera fell.

On Sunday night, we were missing a friend, but were joined at the last minute by a substitute, and slogged through the trash to Ji-Kun. I didn’t log the attempts – I stopped logging in April because I’m not that happy with the client at the moment – so I don’t have a record of the number of attempts we made, but it was only about a half-dozen.

As Squido told me afterward, it took us 86 minutes to learn the fight, make our attempts and the ensuing adjustments, and at 12:01 am, Ji-Kun was dead and we were 6/12.

It was pretty awesome. The fight came together, nobody died, mistakes were kept to a minimum, the nest team did a phenomenal job, and we had our second ‘first kill’ in as many nights. It was exciting: this is the first time we’ve had two new (meaningful/current content) first kills in one week since we downed Elegon and Will of the Emperor at the end of December, and is only the third time it’s happened since MoP released.

Progression has been slow, continuing a theme many raid teams have found true this expansion: this is not a “Dragon Soul raid difficulty” expansion. However, given that we are almost exactly 12 weeks into Tier 15, and we have six bosses down, our progress feels pretty good. Things have slowed down recently, in part because of holidays: we didn’t even attempt Megaera last week because of the number of people who were out for various family obligations, so there have been some “attendance boss” hurdles keeping us from seeing more of the normal mode fights. That said, we are not in a race**; this is for our own enjoyment and collective sense of accomplishment. As such, it feels good.

**Yes, even I have come to some understanding/acceptance of this concept!

It’s nice to think that we’re getting to see the majority of normal fights with our fairly consistent progress this tier, all things being relative. We’re likely to hit a bit of a wall again on Durumu, but we’ll tackle it like we’ve done the others… we’ll practice, and we’ll learn. In the meantime, we had a great weekend, and that’s a lot of fun!

*From the image at the top of the post: seriously, I am one dim bulb… I really did just get that today.


/sigh again

/chuckles at Blizz

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One Comment on “Throne of Thunder: Megaera, Ji-Kun fall”

  1. Bensen says:

    It was pretty awesome! The best part to me was that I didn’t feel like our kills were just lucky, meaning we should be able to get them again from week to week.

    I feel bad about missing this weekend and it’s possible these boss kills were the last ones I’ll be able to make with the group. I only have one more week until school starts but I have about 3 weeks of work that needs to be done so I can sell the house.

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