Thank you, Tabana!!

In tribute to Tabana

In tribute to Tabana

Last night, I read Tabana’s post at WoW Hunters Hall, where she announced that she is taking a break from World of Warcraft. Understandably, she is also taking a break from the WHH.

Now, Tabana isn’t just the most active curator at WHH. She isn’t “just” anything. In the case of WoW Hunters Hall, she was one of several who initially took Frostheim’s vision of a true hunter information hub and ran with it, but she was the only one who kept running the race, long after others fell away. In the absence of Tabana (or someone in her place), WHH would be a shell of itself.

Since not too long after its inception, she has been the majority content curator, yes… but she has also been a major content contributor to the site. Whether it be prep guides (gear, leveling, spec, etc.) for the new expansion, transmog guides, or even pages culling guides and info from other sources for things like heroic raiding, PvP, extreme soloing, and so on, her handiwork is all over the place.

Back in August, almost exactly a month before MoP arrived, I wrote a post about how WoW Hunters Hall is a Mandatory Feed. And in September, two days before launch, I wrote again to encourage people to go there, because her guides for leveling and gear were so good. That second post is one of my most popular posts, and it’s a post telling people to leave my site! (Ha-HA!!)

Seriously, though, I’m going to miss Tabana on multiple levels.

From the standpoint of a hunter, she has been invaluable, siphoning information about hunters down to the huntering masses reliably and regularly for two years. I would not know nearly as much about my class as I do today if it weren’t for her continuous work in featuring the writings of other hunters for my reading consumption.

As a hunter blogger (and a relatively new one at that), her impact on my blog has been tremendous. Her kindness in featuring several of my posts has resulted in 26% of my total hits coming directly from WHH, which is amazing. What’s even better, though, is that this has introduced the site to other folks who now follow Mushan, Etc. in some form or another.

Bottom line, her work has been of great benefit to uncountable hunters and many dozens of hunter bloggers over the past couple of years. I have only begun to summarize her work here; check the WHH to see what I mean.

In closing, I just want to take the time to say publicly:

Thank you, Tabana, for helping out a blogger, and for doing such an AWESOME!!! job at WHH for so long. And I hope that your break from WoW brings you rest and energy and new adventures, wherever they may be!

Thanks for reading this post by Mushan at Mushan, Etc. Comments are welcome!

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