My alt and profession mindset for Warlords part 3: Alpha

Blacksmithing, soon to be going bye-bye.

Blacksmithing, soon to be going bye-bye. Oh, and Dimples. :D

Back in December and January, I published speculative posts regarding my toons’ professions in Warlords of Draenor: which alts I might level, what their professions might be, and why.

I have seven level 90s (all home-grown), but lately I’ve been thinking that – depending on how much I decide to actually play once my initial new-xpac buzz wears off – there will be a maximum of five that end up making the journey to 100. Could be a lot less, of course.

At any rate, at the time I noted that there were certain motivations for wanting to switch things up, and that there could be more on the horizon. As of last weekend’s Alpha info dump, one of those motivations has been clarified. So, with those in mind, I give you the factors that will play into how I play profs in WoD:

  1. I don’t know how many toons I will level because a) I don’t know if I will continue to be a serial subscriber in WoD, and b) even if I am, I am determined not to burn myself out like I have in the past.
  2. I want to make it easier to level profs on my main toon (and possibly others).
  3. I don’t know if I will be raiding, so optimal prof usage might not be important.
  4. I already have plenty of gold, so if I never sell anything on the AH for the whole xpac, I’ll still be fine. I have absolutely no need for a ‘job’ (or several) during WoD.
  5. Flying might not be a Thing in WoD for a while (or even the whole xpac).
  6. Alpha news: Professions will no longer provide performance bonuses (stat buffs / weapon bonuses / extra sockets / exclusive enchants / better gems, etc.).

#6 on that list was revealed in the Alpha patch notes, and answered a question that I had related in one of my earlier posts in the subject. As of 6.0, profession bonuses will be no more. Which basically negates any concerns raised by #3 on the list.

So, looking at my main, Mushan (hunter/LW/BS), I can tell you right now that he will be jettisoning Blacksmithing and picking up Skinning. Before the notes were released, this was already being seriously considered; now it’s a no-brainer. I have another max-level Blacksmith (Droignon, warrior/BS/Mining) anyway, and Mushan was really, obviously, just using Blacksmithing for his own advantage, and Blacksmithing is such a nice person who deserves better than a one-sided relationship… I don’t know, I try to stay out of it as much as possible (it’s complicated).

In all seriousness, after leveling Mushan in MoP as a LW/BS, I’m looking forward to being able to gather my own resources while I play him in Warlords. I have big plans for leveling him (which may or may not… OK probably will be revealed at a later date), and the main theme is going to be that I will immerse myself in playing him, as opposed to racing to the cap. I’m not going to worry about getting him capped ASAP, and then hopping on the druid to skin a bunch of dead things, and then hopping on the warrior and riding around mining everything I can in Jade Forest and leveling out of the zone before I do many quests from all of the gathering XP…


…like I did last time. All to get those crafting profs maxed on Mushan, who for the past two expansions has been able to craft amazing stuff, but somehow is incapable of gathering his own materials himself. This time will be different.

Skinning also fits Leatherworking hunters better in my opinion, lore-/immersion-wise.

#5 on that list (no flying) sort of puts the kibosh on possibly changing Ana’s (druid/LW/SK) profs. Without the flying advantages, changing her to an Herbalist, as I mentioned in a past post, has no appeal for me. She’ll remain a LW/SK, unless I decide that I really really want to change her into an Alch/Herb, which I’m doubtful will happen.

The list (updated @ Alpha)

There are no other changes that I can think of, with respect to how my toons will approach profs in WoD. With that, here’s my list:

  1. Mushan (90 hunter/main): Leatherworking, Skinning (new)
  2. Anacrusa (90 Resto/Balance druid): Leatherworking, Skinning #
  3. Droignon (90 Prot warrior): Blacksmithing, Mining #
  4. Modhriel (90 Frost mage): Tailoring, Jewelcrafting *#
  5. Saldrahn (90 Blood DK): Engineering, Mining #
  6. Abenadari (90 pally): Alchemy, Herbalism **
  7. Ghilleadh (90 hunter alt): Enchanting, Skinning **
  8. Mydnas (85 druid bank alt): Inscription, Herbalism ***


# Mushan is the only real concern for the time being. The rest will happen only if fun-times permit.

* With all of the forthcoming stat changes, I’m not particularly enthused about JC anymore, but then again, it’s not terribly important (see previous note), is it? As for Tailoring, that should be fairly straightforward to level, since killing equals gathering in that case.

** These toons will most likely not make the journey. One or both may be deleted for future character slots, unless they ever get around to connecting my server (grr..).

*** I don’t care a lick about this toon or Inscription anymore, but she’s the bank alt, so she stays for now. But I’ll be very surprised if she doesn’t mostly gather dust.

* * *

So, really? Hundreds and hundreds of words, and there are only two actual changes to my mindset compared with my previous post on the subject?

Yeah, sorry. That’s how I roll, usually. But this post comes from the fact that I’ve been spending portions of cold nights in an easy chair under a blanket, in my pajamas, making plain text notes on my iPad. I’m casually working on a grand plan for my foray into Draenor, and prof changes were on my list of prep questions. I can now go back and edit those notes, which will give both my prep and leveling expectations more clarity. It’s all part of a process that I am determined to enjoy as fully as possible.

Is it self-indulgent? Hell yeah it is. So is the vast majority of the rest of the stuff I post here. :)

* * *

Thanks for reading this post by Mushan at Mushan, Etc. Comments are welcome!


6 Comments on “My alt and profession mindset for Warlords part 3: Alpha”

  1. I’ve done quite a bit of shifting my profs around as well to keep things in order to accommodate some of my other characters needs. You have to do that with the changes that have recently been revealed – I’m taking my time too in WoD – when and if I hit cap , I’ll see how I feel about racing through again.

    • Mushan says:

      It’s interesting, because the “no profession bonus” announcement first brought out hypotheticals like “Raiders might not have to even worry about profs anymore.” But the first thing I thought was, now I can match up profs with toons as I like. I think we’ll see lots of players do the same for those reasons, but it won’t be as heralded because it won’t be news (like that which relates to the hardcore grind).

      [Edit]: In my case, while I don’t think I’ll be making wholesale changes to my established characters, I can see myself being more true to my idea of immersion as profs relate to any new characters I create from now on…

      • I know that that is what I am going to do with my characters – since it won’t really matter any longer for raiding purposes, might as well get the full immersion.

  2. Klinch says:

    The BIG question is how “Garrison” will affect the gathering side, how fast can we make it operational and how much we can get out of it. Can it negate the need for a gathering toon? My main hunter is JC/Enchanting and I would love to be able to get ore for prospecting while still leveling/gearing instead of having to wait to start leveling my miner/herbalist toon. Bonus: I could even get herbs for my alchemists + scribes with the garrison. I will decide about any profession switch only when there will be more info about it during the Beta. I don’t expect much during the Alpha phase..

    • Mushan says:

      That’s a great point! The Garrison could fundamentally approach how – and why – we play certain toons.

      That said, on my main, I’m still switching from BS to Skinning. It feels right.

  3. R says:

    Removal of stat perks from professions will make it less critical in terms of which professions end up on which toons but there will still be some reasons to pay attention. I haven’t really put all this down in writing before so it may not end up being fully accurate (even in terms of just being my plan) but here’s what I’m thinking for my own toons/servers.

    On each server, I want:
    1x Blacksmith
    1x Leatherworker
    1x Tailor (more can be okay if bags are worthwhile and require a CD)
    1x Jewelcrafter
    1x Scribe
    1x Engineer
    Some Enchanters (raiding toons only)
    MANY, MANY Alchemists (raiding toons and inactive toons)
    A handful of gathering professions (as needed, played but not raiding toons)

    Generally speaking, I’m going to try to make sure each of my raiding toons has Enchanting and on servers where I have a full 11, probably one of each armour type in case we get another type-specific generic account-bound token system down the road. Alchemy is a good second profession option due to double flask duration (I assume flasks will still exist in WoD, as will the 2x duration perk).

    Gathering professions will generally go on toons that I play regularly, as will Tailoring, but likely not raiding toons… call them secondary active toons.

    The other 1x profs above will be on my less played toons whenever possible, there’s little benefit to not putting them on an inactive toon.

    Any spots I have left over will be Alchemists… I currently have 6 on my primary server and that could go up, depending on how many gathering toons I end up with. I’ve never, ever felt that I’ve had too many Alchemists… they’ve historically been dead simple to level (up to and including MoP I don’t think they even had to step out of the home city after a new expansion hits to be able to level to the new max and get all the useful transmute recipes) and with daily transmutes of useful, limited quantity mats, they print gold every day with very little time investment required.

    I’m mostly in this setup already (I never worried too much about raid perks, as long as a toon had something that wasn’t a gathering profession they were close enough for my purposes), I do have to switch my main raiding toon from Tailoring to Enchanting before I start raiding in WoD (sticking to Tailoring for now, getting more gold benefit from that than I would from another Enchanter with ench mats being pretty cheap these days and not replacing a ton of gear) and I may swap a few professions around on toons here and there but I’m in a pretty good place right now.

    Of course, this could change depending on things like daily profession cooldowns for all professions (which could become a thing, doubling-up or more on some of my 1x profs above may be useful, although those daily cooldowns seem to only remain useful for a few months… even the Sky Golem mount’s value has tanked more or less down to mat cost at this point, which surprises me) and if there’s any in-raid benefit from professions (like Engineering in Ulduar, for example, or if necessary/useful recipes are bound and only drop in raids). I’m not expecting a massive change from how things are today, though.

    Side note – saw your “I have enough gold” #4 point above and that got me thinking… if I killed all professions on all toons, did nothing but sell to vendors and bought everything I needed off the AH and skipped the profession hassle entirely, how long would my main server stockpile alone hold out? Assuming… what, 500g a day on average?… I’d be good for about 15 years. Good lord… I may actually want to consider that option and save myself the grief.

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