Letting the farms go

Mushan waves goodbye to Sunsong Ranch

Mushan waves goodbye to Sunsong Ranch

A few weeks ago, I realized that I was well beyond the point of caring about my farms at Halfhill. I’ve been tending them every day, since late September. Of 2012.

It started with my paladin – Alchemist/Herbalist – who has mainly farmed herbs at Sunsong Ranch. She currently has plenty of herbs to cover any flask and potion needs I may have for a long time. Since I have more gold than my humble needs will require for the foreseeable future, I’m looking to spend less time at the AH as we head toward (and move into) Warlords of Draenor, and more time trying to have fun, which means I don’t need herbs to mill or otherwise use to make gold.

So with little need for more herb-farming, I moved the paladin from Halfhill to the Shrine of the Seven Stars in mid-December. Over the next several days, whenever I logged on to do my Living Steel transmute, I had to fight the habit to run out, fly over to the flight path, and go back to Halfhill. I’m still breaking that habit.

Then, on the Sunday after Christmas, I retired two more farmers. Ghilleadh, who was sort of a “farm what I need most” toon, and Droignon, who mainly farmed ore, bid Sunsong Ranch adieu as well after harvesting their final crops.

I found that I was on a roll.

Within the next couple of days, I managed to pull more toons away from harvesting duty: by New Year’s Eve, all but one of the rest of my farms were abandoned. It was like the dam broke, or the plug was pulled in the bathtub. I broke the spell, the mantra, of every farm, every day by abandoning that first farm, and it made putting the rest of them to bed that much easier.

This leaves me with one farm going as of today. Modhriel, the Tailor, grows Songbell seeds for Song of Harmony. I’ve got a full set of Royal Satchels on Mushan (bags and bank), but I have some other toons that I’d like to fully deck out in those bags. So there’s plenty of cloth left to make, and I can’t imagine his farm stopping any time soon. In fact, his may continue on until the expansion.

* * *

Leaving the farms behind has been a freeing experience. Without dedicating a significant portion of free time to farming each day, I can log in and do things that advance the characters that I’m interested in, or simply play a low level alt. There’s no guilt, no feeling that I’m skipping out on an important job.

This has reinforced my feeling that, unless developing my garrison is vital to my characters’ raid-viability (or whatever) in WoD, I’m probably not going to spend anywhere close to the amount of time on it as I’ve spent at Sunsong Ranch. I can certainly see my hunter putting some time into it, but I think I’ll otherwise be perfectly happy letting my other toons simply play the core game.

* * *

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7 Comments on “Letting the farms go”

  1. Ross Fale says:

    Interesting…I stopped farming with my toons sometime in the fall and just recently have picked it back up—mainly to ensure the guild has a continuous supply of Golden Lotus. I’m excited to see how engaging they make Garrisons. I’m hoping it’s something you can take or leave, like pet battles and even Sunsong Ranch—not something that gives your character a distinct advantage.

  2. R says:

    I was doing the farm every day on all toons for a while as well but maybe 6 months ago I stopped doing it on most established toons and only did it on new 90 toons for Tillers rep leveling purposes, once they got Exalted, they stopped as well. I haven’t bothered to get Tillers rep on my last handful of toons at all.

    These days, I only use the farm strategically on a few toons in order to get motes… there are a few recipes (Engineering scope, the i502 Blacksmith weapons are the two I still make) that require spirits and the farm is still the simplest way I’ve found to get a decent amount reasonably quickly. Once I stop making those items, and that day is coming, I’ll stop farming on those toons as well. I’ve never used spirits for the speed-up recipes, those add enough to the cost of the crafting (each spirit is worth 2 golden lotus or 5 trillium ore in “actual” value) that it isn’t worth doing for long-term value purposes… if you need stuff quickly, though, that’s obviously a different scenario.

    • Mushan says:

      Yeah, and of course I have two other toons that each have two full stacks of Spirits of Harmony, and I can’t use them for the cloth since they’re soulbound… oh well.

      I’ve stopped trying to sell much on the Auction House. I can make a few thousand gold here and there if I want to throw some stuff on there, but in general there is more for sale than there are people buying lately, at lower prices, so it hasn’t been worth the hassle. And with so many Spirits on other toons, I’m pretty set if I need to buy Golden Lotus, thankfully. As far as value goes, I have a comfortable amount of gold, so personally my biggest value is fun: if I can make my bags faster, I’ll do it any way I can. For others, mileage may vary, of course. :)

      Thanks for the comment!

  3. mrandmrswow says:

    I only did the rep grind, then the Nomi quest and the Best Friend grinds. I only use my farm on one toon to make cash by selling Golden Lotus… perhaps I should make it more profitable!

  4. Earlier in the expansion, I would have all of my characters who were in Pandaria growing something on their farms all the time. It got quite exhausting, though — some days I would feel too tired to do any dailies by the time I was done tending all those gardens! I used to be a bit OCD about harvesting and planting every single day. Now, I can ignore the farm if I don’t feel like farming today — even if I have mature crops waiting to be harvested!

    Recently, I’ve had a sort of on-again, off-again relationship with Sunsong Ranch. I’ve been farming only with characters who have active crafting interests — two to four of my eight total farms going at any given time. I’ll grow the appropriate seeds for three days (one bag of seeds + 8 extras), then leave my gardens untilled for a few days until those mats run out. If I really want a lot of mats fast, then I have all my characters grow the kind of seeds I need for three days.

    I still have a few more characters whom I’d like to get to level 90 before Warlords. I probably won’t do the farm with any of them right away because their professions are all way behind their current character levels. When I get around to catching up their professions to Pandaria level, then they can start farming to get themselves through the 525-600 range.

    Although I’ve sold excess produce on occasion, I haven’t really used the farm as a money-making venue. I’m more interested in being self-sufficient than in being super-rich. So far, it seems like the Garrison is aimed at helping characters be self-sufficient, too. For now, I plan to go all out with the Garrison with my first level 100 character. After I’ve seen how it works, I’ll decide how much Garrison I want to do with my other characters.

    Athough eight semi-active farms make me feel kind of tired of Sunsong Ranch sometimes, I don’t think I’ll be able to completely let it go until the Warlords release date is within the fortnight horizon. I might want to make something and need mats, after all. But when that Warlords release date finally comes, well, I’ve had plans for months now about the things certain characters are going to leave planted in their gardens when they say farewell to Pandaria.

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