Raiding update: 13 months in

Iron Juggernaut goes down in a plume of oily smoke.

Iron Juggernaut goes down in a plume of oily smoke.

This is a late update, but as of last Sunday (October 20th), we’re now 6/14 in Siege of Orgrimmar.

Last week, we aborted our normal “Saturday Night Flex” run when someone dropped after one wing and we found ourselves with just our core 10-person group. The suggestion was made to burn through the first four bosses in order to finally spend some quality time on, and get past, Galakras. Said suggestion was readily agreed upon, and said mission was duly executed that evening.

Sunday night, we managed to kill Galakras, and then Iron Juggernaut died as well. After a prolonged delay – when one of our healers went afk and never returned – we then spent some time checking out the Kor’kron Dark Shaman encounter. I think it’s not going to take us a whole lot of work to get that fight. Having ten people will help…

I like Siege of Orgrimmar. I feel we could be further along, but I’m happy that we’re not stuck. It’s not my favorite raid ever, but it seems to be going well.

Outside of raiding, the game has slowed down quite a bit for me. This is mainly, I think, due to the fact that a few of my friends only play on raid nights / weekends, along with other factors such as the ‘lack of new dungeons’ thing and other issues that I have with Mist of Pandaria’s end-game. Also, the expansion has been out for 13 months as of today, and I’ve put a lot of time into it.* So there’s that.

*See: my last year’s worth of posts.

While I don’t decide what we do on raid nights, I’m hoping we can take a week off from Flex and work on maybe getting seven bosses down this week, so we can start working on Nazgrim. This will depend, of course, on who shows up and other factors, but we shall see…

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2 Comments on “Raiding update: 13 months in”

  1. Dimli says:

    Just a quick suggestion on Dark Shaman as our guild is very similarly progressed as yours, 7/14 as of last week. Even on 10 man normal I would look at a 3 tank strategy for this fight if possible it makes the fight so much easier mechanically and the enrage shouldn’t be a problem, our DPS is only OK and we had plenty of time (2 over 200k, 2 like 160k ish)

    2 tanks + 1 healer takes the boss with the stacking debuff off to their own area, Everyone else can stay in the main area doing the fight. You can have some melee and then probably another healer go in the off on their own group as well, but we didn’t. Got him down in 4-5 attempts this way on our first night.

    Good Luck

    • Mushan says:

      Thanks! Yeah, we got the Shaman and General down last weekend. It was our first try with 10 people on the Shaman, and it didn’t go too badly, all things considered, only taking us a few attempts. We only had two tanks, and it was chaotic, but we managed it! :)

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