Firing Rapidly with Assurance of Consequence and the Tier 16 2-piece bonus

General Nazgrim

General Nazgrim

On Saturday night, we took a team of eleven players into Siege of Orgrimmar Flex, and managed to clear the first eight bosses (all that were available to-date) in about three hours. That represented four new Flex kills, a nice improvement over the previous week’s work.

Due to some luck with rolls and drops in the first couple of weeks of the patch, I had decided that my bonus rolls this week would be as follows: the crossbow from Protectors-normal, Haromm’s trinket off the Dark Shaman in Flex, and… a roll to be determined later, depending on how much progress we made in normal modes.

With that in mind, I contentedly declined bonus rolls last night – all the way up until the Dark Shaman encounter – but to my surprise, I won the Assurance of Consequence trinket from the Sha of Pride. A quick trip to Ask Mr. Robot confirmed that it was indeed a significant upgrade over the normal Bad Juju, so I popped it in, no reforging necessary.

After the Galakras fight, where I was on the tower team, I started leading the damage meter by a significant margin, to the point where I was asked by my girlfriend – who was playing Elemental last night – if I had gotten a new weapon…

See, normally, if she’s healing, I’m on top of the meters, but when she’s DPS, she can smoke me if she gets the right combination of procs revolving around her ridiculous Crit trinket. So she was a little confused.

I replied: “I’m using the same weapon as last week.” (wink, wink)

She: “Oh, I was just wondering, because you’re doing way more damage than before.”

What she had apparently forgotten – which I had told her upon winning the trinket – was that I had gotten the Sha trinket. As in, THE Sha trinket that I’ve talked about with her before. The trinket that, among other things, lowers the cooldown for Rapid Fire by more than a minute.


Additionally, I’m using the trinket in conjunction with the two-piece bonus, which lowers the cooldown of Rapid Fire by 8 seconds every time I fire an Arcane Shot or Multi-Shot as SV.

Without doing a lot of math, here’s how this changes things from where I was a few weeks ago:

  1. Rapid Fire’s base cooldown is 3 minutes. [3 minutes]
  2. Assurance of Consequence lowers that by more than a minute (actual change depends on which version you have). [-1 minute; new CD ~2 minutes]
  3. With the 2p bonus, shooting 7 or 8 AS/MS over the course of a minute basically reduces the cooldown by another minute. [-1 minute; new CD ~1 minute]
  4. New Rapid Fire cooldown: approx. 1 minute.

Theoretically, you could realistically have Rapid Fire up more than 20% of the time most of the time, if even more AS/MS are being fired per minute.

(With Rapid Fire “cooling down” less, I guess you could say it was “hotter, more often”… right? No? Yeah, that was really bad; sorry.)


When we reached General Nazgrim – an add-heavy fight – I thought back to a conversation that I’d had with Kheldul of Hunter-DPS last Monday on Twitter. He was playing around with using Thrill of the Hunt, combined with the set bonus, and said that he’d gotten on some crazy streaks. So I ditched Dire Beast for the fight and decided to give TotH a try with the set bonus and the trinket. It seemed like a good time to try it with so much of the fight about focusing adds, which often means more Arcane Shots than usual.

The results were pretty awesome. With the Rapid Fire cooldown almost always less than a minute, and TotH proccing like it normally does, I was able to do fairly consistent damage to adds, burn the boss when he was in Berserker Stance, and so on. Focus generation was rarely a problem, although I didn’t manage it as well as I will with more practice. And we got Nazgrim down on the second attempt.

Incidentally, here’s how the damage looked. Keep in mind that there are significant portions of the fight (Defensive Stance, etc.) where we lay off the boss in order to keep his Rage levels down.

Damage for General Nazgrim

Damage for General Nazgrim

(I also died during the fight – killed by a bastard Kor’kron Assassin – and was rezzed about 20 seconds later. For reals.)

We had two tanks, six DPS and three heals – our normal raid team plus an extra Shadow priest – on the fight. As I said, I used TotH, as well as Blink Strikes and Glaive Toss, and I played as SV. It’s a great fight for hunters: there’s a lot of target-switching, and the class is just wonderful for that. That class strength, along with the trinket and the two-piece, make for a pretty powerful combination in this type of situation!

Thanks for reading this post by Mushan at Mushan, Etc. Comments are welcome!


4 Comments on “Firing Rapidly with Assurance of Consequence and the Tier 16 2-piece bonus”

  1. Congrats on the shiny trinket.

    I love Thrill of the Hunt, mostly because I like shiny glowy buttons that say “MASH ME!” I’ve been derping around with Survival, and what with Lock and Load AND Thrill of the Hunt, I HAVE SO MANY HAPPY MASHING BUTTONS.

    Just never enough Focus when they’re not flashing, dammit. Maybe I oughta actually like … gem and reforge and crap. Maybe.

    p.s., is it wrong that the first thing I would do (as a hunter) when faced with a Kor’kron Assassin is Feign Death?

    • Mushan says:

      Thanks Prinnie!

      To answer your question: no, it is not wrong! In fact, FD (and Deterrence, both charges) was on cooldown when I died to the Assassin, because I had gotten a little overzealous with the previous adds on that fight… and since Readiness is gone, I couldn’t reset that cooldown. Although I think that FD doesn’t work against the Assassins’ fixate… can’t remember at the moment! I got fixated a lot during our kill attempt… bastards.

  2. And here you thought you were going to spend a small eternity waiting for that trinket to drop. Tsk tsk. I have yet to find a group that can down the Dark Shaman, but hear the Nazgrim fight is a PITA. I rather enjoy add-based encounters though. Whatever provides me with more targets to Moonfire for more Starsurge is okay by me! I think the trinket you’re referring to with your wife is the one off Lei Shen in TOT with a 100% crit chance proc? That thing is delicious!

    Either way, congrats on your trinket and 2pc bonus. I’m with Prinnie where I like glowing buttons that cater to my ADD, so I’ve specced in Thrill of the Hunt even when it isn’t optimal. Glowing buttons ftw.

  3. TheGrumpyElf says:

    Congrats on the trinket. I got it week one, got the two piece this week (3 actually), now I am rocking both as well.

    That trinket with the 2 piece is insane when you go thrill of the hunt. I’ve gotten to the point where I do not even have rapid fire in a bound spot now, just there to see it but I don’t need to ever hit it any longer. It is macroed into every single ability I have and automatically goes off so I can not even tell you how often that is.

    @ Prinnie

    The assassin will continue to beat on you even when you feign. Funny watching yourself lay there getting your butt whooped. Just throw a binding shot and let that grab him. Should be long enough to get some distance and get him down.

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