Raiding again! First kills in Siege of Orgrimmar

Siege of Orgrimmar

Siege of Orgrimmar

This past weekend, after more than a month where our raiding activity has been sporadic, we finally entered Siege of Orgrimmar for some normals-action… and it was sort of by accident.

Attendance boss tangent

We have a guy on our team who, as far as I know, is done raiding with us. He was out the Saturday night of the week we killed Lei Shen; we got something like nine bosses down the first night with a friend filling in, and the decision was made to bring that substitute with us the second night to try for the full clear (in fairness to the sub), and we got it… and since then this guy has been salty. Other than the next time after our guild took down Lei Shen, he has declined every invite. He plays all the time, and then the morning of the raid he declines the invite and is nowhere to be seen at raid time.

Whatever. Shit like that pisses me off, particularly when excuses are made to the raid leader, things are shrouded in secrecy, rumors are going around, and him not being available means I don’t get to raid. It all stinks of bull crap to me. So I’m calling it as I see it, based on what I know… I’m done with it. Moving on.

At any rate, this past Saturday, we were also missing our resto druid – a planned absence – and so after a long delay, we grabbed some friends and hit up Flex again. We managed the first wing with no problem, and then ran into the wall that is Galakras… and since we had started so late, we called it after a couple of pulls and planned to regroup on Sunday.

Sunday arrived, and we were at nine people. I was ready to call it after waiting almost 40 minutes for someone to log in when a healer popped online. A quick discussion later, we determined that having four healers and four DPS wasn’t the best situation for the Galakras fight. So we agreed to go give Immerseus a try.

And, with that, we had backed into the place I actually wanted to be… by accident…


I was happy.


Immerseus down

Immerseus, purified

The fight worked as intended. It was a typical Morchok/Jin’rokh-type of intro fight: fairly simple once you know what you’re doing as a group. My girlfriend, who was one of the healers on this fight, was scoffing at our ability to do it, even after I pointed out that the group had nice symmetry for floor coverage, and we had four very strong, Legendary-cloaked damage dealers, even if there were only four. Whatever – I was proven correct as we downed the boss on the second attempt. We had healers spread out to all four quarters of the floor, DPS similarly, and we had absolutely no problem beating the berserk timer.

With that, it was on to

The Fallen Protectors

Fallen Protectors, relieved of their corruption

Fallen Protectors, relieved of their corruption

Unlike Throne of Thunder, Siege doesn’t have a Horridon, a second boss that is a completely epic and impenetrable wall to keep us from progressing normally. Instead, we get the Fallen Protectors, which is a busy fight but really isn’t that difficult. We one-shotted it.

It wasn’t the prettiest kill: for instance, I almost bit it when I got Inferno Strike and took it into the group killing the add we were working on, only to have people move out of range. I didn’t die, but I lost about 85% of my health when it exploded. I think from now on, we will either execute that correctly, or I’ll try to Deterrence through it alone. Things like that made the fight a little bit of a wild ride, but having done it on Flex a couple of times and knowing what to look for certainly helped.

Anyway, with that, we made our way to Norushen. We made several attempts, but failed to get the boss down. We’ll make some adjustments next week, and should have our druid back, so I don’t foresee that boss being much of a problem next weekend.

What could have been a lost weekend ended up being a pretty successful one. We were all happy to have gotten a couple of normal kills in, and are looking forward to further success.

Personally, it was a good week. I picked up the Warforged Smoldering Eye from Ordos and the tier gloves from Xuen on Tuesday, Death Lotus Crossbow from the Protectors in Flex on Saturday, and the Puddle Punishers (boots) from normal Immerseus on Sunday. I couldn’t really have hoped for a better week, loot-wise.

Raiding again is exciting! Looking forward to more.

Thanks for reading this post by Mushan at Mushan, Etc. Comments are welcome!


2 Comments on “Raiding again! First kills in Siege of Orgrimmar”

  1. Glad to see everything ended up working out in one way or another. My Moonkin ended up landing two pair of boots (a haste and crit pair), so not at a total loss for only running it on LFR right now. I’m still playing catch up at ILVL 510 and working through the cloak chain.

    • Mushan says:

      Nice! Good luck with the cloak quest drops! I just helped a teammate get his final bits on Friday and Saturday; it was a lot of fun watching him go through his final RP ceremony.

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