Lei Shen!

Nos Consensio, victorious over Lei Shen at last!

Nos Consensio, victorious over Lei Shen at last!

The month of July saw my guild methodically work through the first nine bosses of Throne of Thunder. All nine bosses, all the trash, all the fun. Again and again.

With progression in mind, Squido decided to extend last week’s lockout in order to put some time in on Iron Qon. After a late start on Saturday night, we downed IQ in just a few tries, one-shot the Twin Consorts (unsurprisingly), and pulled Lei Shen a few times.

On Sunday night, we started at our normal time. I didn’t think to keep track of how many pulls we made, but I think it was around 10 or 12. Each couple of pulls, we made significant progress – tanks coordinating taunts and movement, people handling their quadrant assignments better and better – and on one of the final pulls, we made it out of the end of the second intermission, only to suffer massive deaths at or around the first Thunderstruck on phase 3.

Then, it all came together. We lost a healer at the beginning of phase 3, when the server lagged hard for several seconds. We thought all was lost… but when the server caught up to us, 9 were still alive, and we persevered through the Lightning Whips and Thunderstrucks and Ball Lightnings and Gale Winds to take him down!

In addition to my teammates who were seeing the fight for the first time rapidly familiarizing with the mechanics, what was great was the level of communication over vent. In spite all of the calls for stacks and taunts and so on, it never got really chaotic on that final attempt, and so the communication was extremely effective.

Despite the fact that I’ve already killed Lei Shen with friends in another raid group a few times, killing him last night and getting the guild first was the most epic boss kill experience I’ve been a part of in MoP! Just getting it done with my friends was awesome, but overcoming that lag spike in phase 3 made it that much more thrilling, and I was super-pumped!

After a very slow start to the expansion – we started Tier 15 having gone a grueling 10/16 in Tier 14 – we are just about where we need to be going into 5.4. It’s great to see the true progress we’ve made in the last several months. This is what we play for!

Thanks for reading this post by Mushan at Mushan, Etc. Comments are welcome!


One Comment on “Lei Shen!”

  1. Squido sent me a text right after you guys downed him. Awesome job!!! Wish I could’ve been there with you guys. I’m done with my semester but am back in Tulsa trying to wrap up the house projects so we can get it on the market. If I’m not too tired Saturday I may try and hop on to at least chat with you guys when I get back to OKC.

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