The return of Kharta!

Due to the makeup of our raid team, I’ve usually been tasked with bringing Aloysius the Sporebat for the billion damage to bosses in their man-parts spell haste buff. On rarer rogue-less/dk-less occasions, I’ve used Dimples the Hyena. And on one super-rare occasion, where we had no mage (and we never run with a windwalker or cat/bear druid), I got to bring along my old friend Basil the Wolf.

Well, last night – for what was quite possibly the first time in all of my normal mode raiding* for this expansion – I summoned the rarely seen but still mighty-as-time frostsaber, Kharta…

Kharta the Frostsaber

Kharta the Frostsaber!

…and for a brief moment, it was like old times. I raided with him quite a bit more in Cataclysm, before cats were reduced to bringing the mastery buff. It may fit, lore-wise, I suppose… but with all of the paladins and shaman out there, giving mastery to cats was a giant kick in the balls to both cats and 10-man raiding hunters all around the world of Warcraft. It’s a crime and a damn shame, and I’ll stick to that story till they change it, which will probably be never.

*LFR doesn’t count, and I usually bring Dimples in LFR anyway, because I figure that if all of the rogues/dks/other hyenas (yeah, like people actually choose to use hyenas in LFR haHAHahahaha…) die, I’ll still have a haste buff.

So what’s so special about Kharta? Nothing other than these two cold hard facts: he looks awesome, and he is awesome. He’s not an exotic – I tamed him (along with two or three other cats) back when I was doing the Frostsaber Trainers dailies in Winterspring during Cataclysm, and he became my favorite pet. I like how he looks with my hunter, too – the bits of purple trim on my Gryphon Mail and his frosty purple glow are very complementary, in my opinion.

And of course, I have a matching mount for him, too!

Hopefully, I’ll have more opportunities to raid with Kharta, even if, like last night, it’s simply because all of the buffs that I could bring are covered by the rest of the raid. It’s not as if raiding without him is ruining my raid experience – at this point, I’ve even become somewhat fond of Aloysius and Dimples – but there’s nothing quite like an awesome cat at the side of a night elf hunter.

Thanks for reading this post by Mushan at Mushan, Etc. Comments are welcome!


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