Ahead of the Curve (T15) and other bits

This past week, with at least three people from our raid team scheduled to be out due to travel and whatnot, I was invited to run with my girlfriend’s guild, which is 3/13H, but has suffered some attrition recently. They ended up bringing three people from my guild for the bulk of the run on Tuesday.

Waiting for that final person, pre-H Jin'rokh

Waiting for that final person, pre-H Jin’rokh

Due to that attrition, we didn’t do a 3-heroic-kill run. Rather, we downed H Jin’rokh, which was fun, and made a few attempts on H Ji-kun, although we didn’t kill her (note: I suck at the nests. Horribly.), and otherwise farmed normal mode. When it was all over on Tuesday night, we had killed up through Dark Animus with few problems, all told.

9 of us died at the end of the Jin'rokh heroic kill, due to the nature of the heroic Ionization mechanic...

9 of us died at the very end of the Jin’rokh heroic kill, due to the nature of the heroic Ionization mechanic… as you can see in the corner of the screen, I didn’t do too badly!

Thursday night, they filled their raid team with eight normal team members, a substitute from their guild who would be a star on our guild’s team, and myself. We managed to down the final three bosses in slightly more than an hour – which was great, because it was my first-ever regular kill of Lei Shen, which got me the Feat of Strength “Ahead of the Curve: Lei Shen.” Sweet!

Additionally, we managed to grab another achievement along the way, on Twin Consorts…

From Dusk Till Dawn, Twin Consorts

From Dusk Till Dawn, Twin Consorts

And here’s a Lei Shen screen…

Ahead of the Curve: Lei Shen!

Ahead of the Curve: Lei Shen!

At that point, we’d been running for less than 70 minutes. People were tossing around big ideas (“Let’s clear H ToES!” “Let’s try H HoF!”), but after a couple of people expressed the desire to log for the night, we finally settled on snagging this bit of fun from the Protectors of the Endless:

So we killed Regail last... so we got an achievement... yay! :)

So we killed Regail last… so we got an achievement… yay! :)

Of course, with this team (of eight of us at this point), it was a pushover. But easy raid achieves are fine by me, especially with a group like this, which runs on all cylinders.

And finally, to cap off the screenshot spam in this post, I managed to get my final Titan Runestone on Wednesday evening, which allowed me to then get the Heart of Lei Shen, complete Wrathion’s (er, Yu’lon’s) challenge, and acquire my ilvl 600 cloak that night. Man, adding a 600 anything to my gear set at this point is nothing less than awesome!

Mushan, proud owner of the Tigerfang Wrap - courtesy of Wrathion, RNG, and persistence/hard work.

Mushan, proud owner of the Tigerfang Wrap – courtesy of Wrathion, RNG, and persistence/hard work.

*Note: I chuckled at how they just went ahead and actually mentioned Patch 5.4 in the next quest!!! ^^

All told, it was pretty great! I accomplished two goals that I’ve been working/wishing for:

1) the 600 cloak

2) Lei Shen (N) killed pre-5.4.

In the end, it was an exciting week playing Mushan. A couple of nice pieces of gear, a few nice achievements, and a great raiding experience overall. 

Thanks for reading this post by Mushan at Mushan, Etc. Comments are welcome!


4 Comments on “Ahead of the Curve (T15) and other bits”

  1. kheldul says:

    Grats Mushan!

    We just did our first attempt on H Ji-kun and got her pretty easily. The strat was a bit less involved than the crazy one Fat Boss does. One nest group did all of the nest numbers except 2 (and 8). The 2 and 8 group (2 dps, 1 tank, 1 healer) has a big guy and quills to deal with. If you delay your flight up you can get the food buff (+100% dmg) and then fly three more times. It gave me crazy dps. As long as everyone can fly well I see it as being easy to do over and over.

    Unlike H Jin’rokh! Sometimes the storm just nukes people. But you know that if you Deterrence just before he casts Ionization then it will not land on you, be applied, or anything? It’s really quite nice. I think only DKs have a similar situation.

    Did you like the cloak challenge?

    • Mushan says:

      Thanks, Kheldul!

      On Jin’rokh, I did use the Deterrence method on Ionizations – and it did work great – but on the last one, we were trying to get the last few percent of his health before he actually cast it, so I didn’t Deterrence and kept shooting. Obviously, we failed – he died a smidge after the cast, and we were standing in the water, and boom! we bit it. Haha!

      As for the cloak challenge, it was fun, but I think I overgeared it at that point. I went SV with Crouching/Spirit Bond/Thrill/Glaive and Glyph of Liberation. I kept moving almost the whole time, so that when AoE was being dropped under me, I was already moving out of it. I just let everything fly, nuked the adds when they spawned, and finished the challenge on a single attempt. I had read about it a bit before, so I kind of knew what to expect, but I did find it kind of cut-and-dry, in all honesty… although I’ll admit that I did lose a big chunk of health with the first AoE attack (after that, I went to “keep moving” mode). Like I said, it was fun though, and Wrathion was funny at times throughout the quest – impetuous and showing both his immaturity and his obvious potency.

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