It’s time for a relaxing week

The last couple of weeks have been busy.

Toward the end of the first of those weeks – during which I VP-capped three toons – our guild downed both Megaera and Ji-Kun for the first time. Then last week, I capped 2 toons (and got a third to 750 VP), and we re-killed the first six bosses in ToT this past weekend.

Then, on Monday night, Squido and I jumped into a raid with our friends in a much more progressed guild to help them clear the last several bosses (they spent all week working on early heroic modes). They hadn’t killed Ji-Kun yet, so I had to off-tank that with the warrior, and Squido brought his shaman. It was fun to bring the warrior into something current.

Downing Ji-Kun

Downing Ji-Kun

Once that was over, Squido and I switched to our mains for the rest of the instance. We only had one wipe, on Iron Qon, prior to stalling out late in the evening on Lei Shen. It wasn’t a bad run for a group with four people who hadn’t really seen the fights aside from LFR, and was a lot of fun.

And this is nice to see…

Mushan's kill record at WoWProgress

Mushan’s kill record at WoWProgress

It’s not necessarily impressive, but it still feels good! :)

I didn’t get any significant loot – I rolled with all my might on Durumu for the crossbow, but no dice (all puns aside, or something…) – but that’s ok. It was just a lot of fun to a) successfully defeat those five bosses, and b) be an important part of it (meaning that I held my own on the charts and generally performed well, all things considered).

At any rate, the net result was that two busy weeks culminated with three normal-length / normal-intensity raid nights in a row, and I’m tired. As in, both my body and my mind could do without another week like that right now. So with that in mind, I’ve decided that this will be a “one-toon-capped” week.

While I’m glad that I had a geared warrior to plug into a necessary spot, I generally don’t need to work very hard to gear the warrior and the druid. They’re toons of secondary importance in the raiding sense, and it still does take a lot of time to cap them when I’m also capping the hunter.

Therefore, this week I will only cap the hunter, and I will do so at a relaxed, leisurely pace. And I may do some cooking dailies and so forth on other toons, but I will purposefully be avoiding playing them with any urgency. In the end, I think my arms – and my brain – will be grateful.

Thanks for reading this post by Mushan at Mushan, Etc. Comments are welcome!


2 Comments on “It’s time for a relaxing week”

  1. mrandmrswow says:

    Impressive – I can barely VP cap one of my 90s, let alone all 4!

  2. Quelys says:

    I am very lazy, even struggling to cap my main most days :P I rely on a quick heroic scenario with a raid clear to keep me there. So hats off to you good sir!
    I really can’t bring myself to play my alts.. I have two other 90’s with various toons between 85 and 90, but the motivation just isn’t there (not to mention, one of my other 90s is a second hunter).
    I feel the burnout some days as well – when you are just exhausted form a culmination of things, I especially feel it on those nights when we have been pushing a heroic kill. Hang in there! and nice work on Mushan! (stay off that dang warrior!) :P

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