Things I’m excited about in Patch 5.3

I had a somewhat busier work week last week, so my posting took a hit. I wrote about the one thing I really enjoyed doing, which was a diversion from the norm in some ways, but there wasn’t that much else going on, so I didn’t really have much to write about.

This week, Patch 5.3 “Escalation” goes live, so I’ll now have stuff to do on my hunter – that is, non-raiding, non-Halfhill stuff – if only because I’ll have a place to spend Valor Points again. I was thinking about writing a post about that, but I didn’t feel like writing at any time yesterday.

This morning, while maintenance is percolating, I still didn’t quite know what I wanted to write about until I read the following tweet by Big Bear Butt:

Today is patch day. Not to piss on anyone’s enthusiasm, but I feel no desire to start another grind, the patch does nothing to interest me.

And then, I knew what I wanted to talk about.

Everyone is in his or her different place in this game. Doing his or her own thing. As such, excitement levels may vary.

For me, there are two key things in 5.3 that I am immediately interested in with respect to my hunter:

1. Aspect of the (Iron) Hawk will buff Attack Power by 25% instead of 15%. I’ll take an 8.69% base increase in my total Attack Power any day. Am I excited about that? HECK YEAH I’m excited about it!

2. Item level upgrades are back. 500 VP for 8 ilvls per piece. I am capped and so ready to do this now. Doing anything that rewards Valor Points has that much more meaning for my main toon again.

There are other changes. A couple of changes – Blink Strike(s) / Intimidation, more room in the stable, some pet special attack cooldown changes, etc. – mean virtually nothing to me, because they won’t affect my raiding play or my DPS. Binding Shot being gone is sort of crappy, but once again, I rarely use it. So, as far as class changes, I’m really looking forward to raiding as Survival with Mushan in 5.3.

There is a new weekly quest area in the Barrens. That’s fine. It will be nice for alts, since it means 489 gear. However, I don’t imagine it will be much of a grind for raiding mains. Unless I’m mistaken, it’s not quite another Isle of Thunder or Molten Front, grind-wise. I could be wrong though.

There’s also a new part of the legendary quest line. I’ve been ‘behind’ on that thing since the beginning, and am still collecting Secrets of the Empire. From my perspective back here in Behind Land, it’s nice to see that there is more stuff to do down the line. I’m not immediately excited about it, because I’m not there yet, but I am salivating over those ilvl 600 cloaks: the stats on those babies are just mind-boggling!

There are new pets, and pet battle changes. Nice, but don’t really care. New arena and battleground: don’t really care. Mounts, shirts, heirloom changes: don’t care. New/Heroic Scenarios? I’ll probably do them at some point, but I’m not sure, and it doesn’t really affect me either way.

I find the PvP stat changes interesting, but I don’t know how I feel about them. I’ve only done a few dozen BGs this xpac, so it’s not a large part of my game. I do, however, like the Battleground Roles feature. It’s been “time” for that to happen since, well, forever.

One thing I’m feeling… well, not excited about… but I guess “relieved” is a better word for it: the nerf to Pandaria leveling XP requirements. When I finally bring my herbalist pally through the last 30-some bars to 90 and get her her flight license, my journey will be so much easier. 

On the other hand, the new Loot Specialization tab for choosing which spec you want loot for in raids and LFR is going to be great to use on my druid and warrior. I’m definitely excited about that for those toons.

I love the game, but I really live for raid success on my hunter. As such, the Aspect of the Hawk change and the return of Valor upgrades have me excited about raiding with the new-and-improved Mushan. Since this is a non-raid patch, there is understandably not as much for me to be excited about as there was in 5.2 with Throne of Thunder and all of the potential new gear.

Patches like these bring, among other things, quality of life changes, story progression, class changes, more stuff, and so on. As such, they’re less exciting in general than big raid patches like 5.2. Maintenance is still happening as I write this, but I don’t foresee ‘new grind’ being a big feature of this patch. Legendary grinds were a given; stories with some grinds are a given. To me, it’s part of the package.

My girlfriend is excited about the new pets she can farm in old raids. She loves pets, pet battles, mounts, killing rares, and so on – they provide a nice ‘other side of the game’ when she’s not kicking major ass with her raid team. So for her, the patch is a bigger deal than it is for me.

What I mainly care about is that the hunter class is getting some love in the form of the Attack Power boost, and that I have a means to improve my toon in the absence of better raid drops. Because of this, I am excited about the patch.

But that’s just me. Your mileage may vary! :)

MMO-Champion has a nice roundup of Patch 5.3 info – check it out to see all the new features!

Hunters: Tabana has posted a concise summary of the 5.3 hunter changes over at WoW Hunters Hall. Check it out! And thanks, Tabana!

Thanks for reading these musings by Mushan at Mushan, Etc. Comments are welcome!

3 Comments on “Things I’m excited about in Patch 5.3”

  1. […] 2. Item level upgrades are back. 500 VP for 8 ilvls per piece. I am capped and so ready to do this now. Doing anything that rewards Valor Points has that much more meaning for my main toon again. . . . read full article […]

  2. ril says:

    nice roundup from a hunters PoV. the item level upgrade sure is most necessary at this point to help with bad rng, especially in 10 mans. however you’re not behind on your legendary quest, i’ve always been “on time”, and am now sitting at 4 secrets despite catching up with bosses in LFR i i didn’t kill on normal/heroic every lockout. others have 8+, it is pretty frustrating (i’m with a 517 cloak still).

    the hawk buff and new blink strike net me an additional 7-8% dps as BM, along with one debuff less to keep tarck of, which i always gladly take but i kind of doubt that we will reach mage levels yet. i’m not sure about AoE/SV situations but the buff might be bigger there.
    no need to say that the new stable slots are a pretty wellcome quality of life improvement.

    however i can’t understand how you, as a raider, can keep so relaxed about the binding shot removal. it was a good alternative to silencing shot that felt “good” and useful. my raid, especially our main tank, relies heavily on it since early T14. losing binding shot means losing our main raid support ability since silence is barely ever necessary outside horridon and not unique. needless to say i’m pretty upset over losing one of my favourite toys.

    • Mushan says:

      Well, I did say it’s crappy, but for the time being I’m not terribly worried about it. My raid team has two warriors and a DK, and they do a fantastic job keeping stray things in check. So while I’ll miss it, it wasn’t essential for me – it ended up being under-utilized and was mostly redundant when I did use it. Obviously, different situations (like yours, presumably) mean different reactions to this change. I do wish they hadn’t changed it.

      I feel like I’m behind on the legendary quest because my better half has been on top of it for the entire xpac. As in, she’s basically ready to start the 5.3 portion of it. So I get to feel ‘behind’ all the time when it comes to stuff like that, because her raid team is way more progressed than mine, and because she’s been ahead of me on the legendary quest-line since… idk, since she got all of her sigils way before I got mine. RNG is indeed a pain.

      Thanks for your comment – glad you liked the post! :)

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