Tortos! (a tale of two very different raid nights)

Three weeks after downing the Council of Elders encounter in Throne of Thunder, we entered the raid weekend looking to make some progress. And, after a wild and crazy weekend (described below)…

Tortos down; Mushan..... still alive!! May 5, 2013

Tortos down; Mushan….. still alive!! May 5, 2013

…we got him!

In fact, we one-shotted him!!

And I lived! For the first time this tier, I lived on the first kill of a boss. Woot!

(It’s important to celebrate the little things… sometimes they make all the difference.)

To jump back a bit in the story, it was a quiet week in Nos Consensio. People have busy lives away from the game, and other things to do, and the weather is nice, and people like me are burned out. So I watched a lot of The West Wing on Netflix, made a new hunter (a subject for a different post) to play around with in peace, went to work at the appropriate times, etc. I didn’t push any of my toons for the most part, other than running a couple of LFRs here and there and doing some quests. I failed to VP cap on any toon, which is completely fine. Things are slow.

Saturday: Nos Screw-up-sio

On Saturday night, we got together a little late, killed Nalak, killed Warlord Bloodhilt again (two more peeps got that quest taken care of!), and stepped into ToT…

…where we proceeded to wipe about a half-dozen times on Jin’rokh before downing him.

Of course, when we downed him, he was dead in record time. That was cool. There were just mistakes being made, mostly with kiting of, and/or otherwise related to, the Focused Lightning. Mistakes, reflecting some general lack of focus. So anyway, we collected the loot (by the way, Jin’rokh, stop dropping Renataki’s Soul Charm – four weeks in a row is twice as often as we will ever need, you bastard!) and…

…proceeded to wipe several times on the Horridon trash.

Seriously, it took us forever to get to Horridon. It was not pretty.

Then, on our first or second Horridon attempt (I forget which), which was very messy, one of our healers experienced a major internet outage in his city, and he was gone for the night.

After a break, we made several more attempts 9-manning it, including one where we had Jalak under 50%, but wiped when the off-tank got himself caught in a Double Swipe. Several attempts, several wipes, and we finally called it – and I’m sure we all felt like crap when that was over. I know that I did, not that I could do anything about it.

Sunday: Nos One-shot-sio

Sunday was a new day, and when we gathered at 9:30 pm in an attempt to salvage the weekend, it almost couldn’t have gone better – or more differently than the previous night.

After a false start on the Horridon trash, we cleaned that up quickly. Then we one-shot Horridon. Then, after a false start on Council – my fault; when I switched to BM, my UI was set up for PvP, and I’ll take the blame for that – we had a very clean kill on the second attempt. Things were going very well, and we’d had some nice gear drop, so we took a break so that people could equip/adjust their gear, etc.

It felt great to come back on all cylinders after the mess of the previous evening.

Next up was Tortos, which has had me frustrated, as I’ve mentioned before. We wiped twice on the trash, and things were starting to look like they were going back to normal (read: bad). However, prepping for the fight, the tanks discussed tank switches, the healers and the warriors worked out cooldown rotations, and Moebius and I discussed the Whirl Turtle situation. And then we started the encounter.

Our raid makeup has two warriors and a rogue, myself and a mage, three healers, and two tanks. The melee… well, they went to town on Tortos and the bats. Moebius and I were smacking turtles and booting goals like we’d been doing it for years. The tank switches went cleanly, the healing was great, and, as I said at the beginning, Tortos bit the big one.

It was a fight that, from an outside perspective, wasn’t a pretty one as far as hunter damage was concerned. Moebius and I were focusing turtles virtually the whole time, because the fight depended on it and we were the only ones who could really handle them, and so we weren’t crapping out AoE damage like we normally can. Bats weren’t a concern for us, particularly because we’ve got the guys up front handling them just fine.

So the damage meter wasn’t pretty. But man… I couldn’t have cared less, because a) I already know that I can execute SV DPS with my eyes closed, so I didn’t need to prove that in this situation, and b) that was a really fun fight – so much fun to do when we were able to execute a successful kill.

And frankly, I was more proud that he and I successfully interrupted every Furious Stone Breath than just about anything else. Considering the positional/directional kick mechanic and the fact that other turtles were constantly harassing us when we’d attempt a kick, it was gratifying to have that part of the fight come together like that.

Hopefully we can repeat it next time. Megaera, we’re coming for you!

Thanks for reading this sigh of relief by Mushan at Mushan, Etc. Comments are welcome!


3 Comments on “Tortos! (a tale of two very different raid nights)”

  1. Mushan, I love the blog, keep up the great work!

  2. Bensen says:

    It was a pretty awesome night. I actually think we’re pretty close on Megaera. It’s nights like that make me already miss raiding. I was so proud of the execution on Tortos!

    I don’t know if we can clear the whole thing before I start dental school, but if we can get the same performance both nights as we did on Sunday I think we’ll get close.

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