Focused Grimness

My desire to play WoW is down even more than usual lately.

I’ve written about being burned out occasionally over the past couple of months, and that doesn’t seem to be getting any better. Since almost nothing has happened recently, there hasn’t been anything substantial to write about; nothing, at least, that has inspired me to write.

There’s one thing that I’m not feeling burned out about, and that’s playing Mushan. I still look forward to the weekends, when we raid, and I still feel at home when I’m playing him.

But I don’t feel like doing dailies or otherwise earning Valor*. I don’t feel like stepping into LFR**. While I don’t mind doing heroic dungeons, I’m not particularly motivated to do them. Killing rares has gotten very old, very fast. PvP? not feeling it at all right now. Soloing old stuff? same. Archaeology? Pet battles? RP? Scenarios? Achievements? Aggressive Auction House jockeying? Yeah… no thanks.

*I did pick up my Valor belt after reaching Revered with the SPA this week, so I’m done using Valor Points for anything until 5.3 arrives – I figure that if I’m capped by the end of next week, I’ll be fine to start item-upgrading whenever that becomes available.

**That being said, I have done three wings of ToT LFR this week. Primordius has some very nice gloves that I’d like to get my hands on… er, into. Although he hasn’t been generous about it so far.

And that’s on the hunter – the familiar toon; the well-oiled machine; the toon I love. The other toons? forget it. I have no desire to tank anything right now on the warrior. No desire to play the mage. No desire to get the final 27 bars on my paladin. To play my lil’ project hunter. To level my DK, who’s in Grizzly Hills at the moment.

Additionally, I feel somewhat disconnected from the community right now, which is sort of weird, because I have more people consistently reading my blog now than I’ve ever had before. I’m generally disappointed with Twitter as well – without getting into specifics – so I’ve been avoiding it for the past couple of weeks, aside from a couple of random posts here and there.

I’m just in a different place right now, I suppose. 

On the whole, though, there’s almost nothing going on that I’m really enjoying unless I’m raiding.

Raiding went well last weekend, considering we were down a healer. We had a friend bring his mage, and we patiently worked our way through the first three bosses of ToT again, with two healers/six DPS instead of three and five.

We spent a long time on Sunday working on Tortos, which is a fight that I’m worried about because I’m one of only two ranged DPS, so downing the Whirl Turtles is proving to be somewhat challenging. Everything I read about hunters on that fight seems to say – and I paraphrase – “Go SV, you’ll do shit-tons of AoE damage on the bats on that fight…” And that totally doesn’t seem appropriate for our raid composition. Because of the makeup of our guild/team, we’re faced with the challenge of getting bosses down with what we have. We don’t have a bench, swap out players based on role, and so on. For the most part, it’s a 10-person, 10-toon team, and we adjust based on the limited versatility of those players’ classes – and that’s it.

While topping the charts is fun – and I can certainly top the charts on Tortos in LFR, which is inherently more forgiving and doesn’t mind if you just pick what you want to do and then do it – I will not be doing so as we make progress on our Tortos attempts. I will not be ‘spreading serpent’ all over those god-forsaken bats like it’s my m—– f—— birthday. I have an assignment, and it’s Whirl Turtles, and it’s a responsibility and challenge that I will rise to with determined grimness.

Of course, there’s no hunter spec that’s great for that role. Other than being able to cast on the move, my ability to consistently burst stuff down is still kind of anemic (see upcoming hunter buffs in 5.3). And with a somewhat melee-heavy 10-man group, there is little room for error or weakness in that situation. I’ve made my gear set – my greatest asset – about as strong as it can be, given the circumstances. So I’ll bring that, along with some grim focus, and we’ll see what happens.

– – –

One bright spot for me, personally, was that I successfully switched to Beast Mastery on Sunday for the Council of Elders encounter. BM is a spec that I have never used in a raid before, and I don’t enjoy it. But I practiced the crap out of it during the week, and ultimately I did enjoy not killing myself when Kazra’jin was empowered. My overall “DPS” went down a tick or two, with the reduced AoE damage. However, I was satisfied with the situationally focused damage I was able to do, particularly as we burned down Sul during the first portion of the fight.

Unless it becomes totally stupid for me not to, I will continue to use SV on single target progression fights (like Jin’rokh, although he’s certainly not progression), because it fits me like a glove; and, because I am not a great player, I have that problem where I play better with the spec I enjoy the most (rather than playing the “best spec for the DPS”). I can move better as SV, because I have many hundreds of hours of doing so under my belt, and that can be very important at times. BM feels like I am slapping the buttons, while SV is smooth, allowing me to have better raid awareness. But in the case of Kazra’jin, BM works for me, giving me the freedom to go all-out on something that would otherwise kill me if I did so as SV.

At any rate, it’s a game, and if I can do some sick damage and play well as SV, and it allows me to enjoy the only part of the game I’m having any fun with right now, then I’m going to do so whenever I can.

– – –

Thanks for reading this post by Mushan at Mushan, Etc. Comments are welcome!


7 Comments on “Focused Grimness”

  1. mrandmrswow says:

    I can’t get the hang of SV at all – perhaps you could tweet me your rotation?

    Sorry to hear you’re still a bit burned out. I felt the same about LFR a few weeks ago – it had been almost a month without a useable drop and I was getting disheartened. I had a week off then went into it with a “this is just for valour, anything else is a bonus” attitude. I capped this week, thankfully, and now playing alts.

    I hope you find your mojo soon!

    • Mushan says:

      I’m not sure I could tweet you my ‘rotation,’ since a) I follow a priority system – rather than a rotation – cobbled together from research I did, including from Icy Veins and EJ; and b) due to talent/glyph use changes from boss to boss, single tar vs. add fights, and so on, things can be pretty fluid.

      SV is something of a proc-y spec, but so are all of the hunter specs to some extent, especially if you take Thrill (which I don’t like for some bosses, but it seems like the best choice for others). Talent/glyph choices and individual situations force me to adjust, and so on (and I find that I am blowing through a stack of Tomes every week!). I guess I’m something of a crappy source for that kind of information.. :P But the truth is, I use the core abilities/priorities the best that I can, and expand *as needed.* :)

      • mrandmrswow says:

        My hunter is only an alt, I love her, but she’s 490 and I can’t get more than 50k dps. Just some pointers I suppose seeing as I only play for fun. No talent swapping needed ^^

  2. Thromean says:

    I feel ya. I’ve pretty much hung up my main PVE healer and tank alt and have been concentrating on PVP with my hunter. I start to get the twitches when i see a blue exclamation point. I am so over dailies. I got through the first 3 bosses of the first tier but when my hobby started requiring full time hours, I just couldn’t do it anymore. At least I can do the BG’s with 20 min time chunks and make some decent progress with my character.

    • Mushan says:

      Yeah, that’s the nice thing about PvP. And yeah, long hours, low pay! Glad you found a way to enjoy yourself without feeling like it’s a burden. :)

  3. mrandmrswow says:

    “when my hobby started requiring full time hours, I just couldn’t do it anymore” – I actually love this sentence!

    If you add up the hours we put into the game, I think it’d shock most people. Perhaps we all need to re-evaluate the important things and not get hung up on the dailies :)

    • Mushan says:

      The amount of hours that I put into the game is ridiculous. Still!

      Where I have to make a distinction is that it’s ok to use those hours when I’m enjoying myself, and ok to step away when I’m not.

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