Off-Topic: If you haven’t subscribed…

In the wake of the news of Google Reader’s demise…

Almost everyone who uses Google Reader knows that Google announced last week that it is killing Reader as of July 1st. In fact, most of us probably learned of it by reading a post about it in Google Reader. At least, I did.

I was disappointed to learn about this last Thursday. I’ve been using Google Reader for years, and when I looked for an alternative last year, I wasn’t all that happy with what I found, so I’ve stuck with it. However, like everyone else, I now have little more than three months to find a new RSS feed.

There are already a ton of articles out there listing alternatives, and people are already flocking to new RSS sites. I won’t list them all here, because it’s been done many times – use your favorite search engine to look for Google Reader alternatives, and you’ll find an abundance of articles suggesting sites along with their pros and cons. Here’s one of the articles, an excellent post from Marketing Land entitled 12 Google Reader Alternatives. Keep in mind that you can use Google Takeout to migrate your feeds to a new RSS site or app.

In the meantime, here are some alternate ways to follow me. Every person reading this blog is important to me, and I want you to know that there are many ways to keep up with the latest posts at Mushan, Etc.


There is, and always has been, a Subscribe button on each page of this site. If you normally read my posts in Google Reader, you may not know this. It’s at the top of the right-hand column, just below the header image.

Subscribing is simple and totally free: just enter your email address in the box, hit the Subscribe! button, and whenever I post something new, the post will appear shortly afterward in your Inbox. It’s not necessarily the optimum choice for most people, but for some readers, subscribing to their favorite blogs is how they stay up to date on the latest posts. I already have a bunch of subscribers, and would love to have more!

…Follow (for WordPress users)

Additionally, for those of you who are WordPress users/bloggers, there is an option to follow other people’s WordPress blogs. If you’re logged in, whenever you are on a WordPress site the WordPress Toolbar will be at the top of your browser. You can click “Follow” toward the left side of the toolbar, and it will add the blog to your WordPress reader. Just another option.


One of the reasons that Google is killing Reader is that RSS never caught fire to the extent that Twitter and Facebook have, as far as being aggregators of content. I prefer reading with Google Reader, but I also have a Twitter account in order to a) throw up a link whenever I publish a post; b) read other posts that people that I follow have tweeted (or re-tweeted, which exposes me to new writers and podcasters – awesomeness!); and c) communicate directly with other WoW players/bloggers (even more awesomeness!). The signal-to-noise ratio is much lower on Twitter than it is in an RSS feed, but I’m still glad to be on Twitter because it has exposed me to information, friendships, and readers that I would never have known without it.

I don’t have a Facebook page for Mushan, Etc., and I haven’t decided if I will create one. I’m not a big fan of Facebook, and I’m not sure how impactful having a Mushan, Etc. Facebook page would be. However, if a ton of people told me that they would like to be connected with the blog/me via Facebook, I might consider it.

At any rate, I’m on Twitter, so follow me on Twitter!

– – –

As for me, I haven’t decided which RSS reader I will migrate to. I’ll make the decision soon, but I’m not excited about immediately moving to a reader that can’t handle the increased traffic yet. I’ve got time. In the meantime… Subscribe!  :)

– – –

Thanks for reading this post by Mushan at Mushan, Etc. Comments are welcome!


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