Throne of Thunder: One week, one kill – Jin’rokh down! (with bonus…)

Saturday night was a good night.

After waiting all week (and for weeks before that) to get cracking on Patch 5.2, I was growing extremely bored and restless. The Isle of Thunder seems to be a place where people are having fun, killing rares, etc. For me, it has been an experience akin to the Molten Front progression experience.

And certainly, since I play a hunter, there’s nothing about it that’s really all that difficult… except for the extreme tiresomeness of hunting for those last few, elusive Grave Guardians to destroy, or corpses to burn, or whatever. The place is really cool – especially since Stage 2 opened today – but it’s also a cluster, crawling with people, which is great, and is also a curse. In fact, a few days ago I was so bored with the experience that I found myself writing a long, stupid post about it at 4am. That one’s going in the trash – you’re welcome.

So anyway, why do I do it, then?

Well, I’m doing it for the gear. And it is a cool place, and it is somewhere new to earn Valor.

It’s not because I need the Kirin Tor’s VP offerings. They sell a few pieces of 496 rep gear, but even for slots where I’m sporting a 489 item, the value of any of those upgrades per VP is ridiculously small.

No, it’s because of the infrequent – but hardly insignificant – opportunities to get reputation with the Shado-Pan Assault (which does have the good gear). And after seven days, I find myself in a good position to be Friendly very soon (2999/3000, in fact). I’ve run the treasure room scenario, done a few other quests for them… and then, on Saturday, we entered, as Bensen put it, The Thunder Dome.

Into the Thunder Throne!... wait, what? Aw yeah, Orb of the Sin'dorei... aw yeah.

Into the Thunder Throne!… wait, what? Aw yeah, Orb of the Sin’dorei… yeah. I went there.

After the trash, some discussion, and Mushan accidentally initiating the first pull of Jin’rokh the Breaker because I had a keyboard miscue (learn 2 type, and/or don’t have the boss targeted when typing, man!), and eleven more pulls… we got him!

I have to say – and this may surprise some – but this is the first time I’ve gotten a first-week boss kill since at least Icecrown, and maybe earlier. I’m not sure… I can’t remember back that far. So it’s pretty exciting, for me personally, to be involved in a first week / first kill situation.

Unfortunately, for some reason my screenshot addon did not take a screenie of the kill. However, I did have the presence of mind to take the above shot during some down time in Jin’rokh’s room. You know, for giggles.

Overall, I’m very proud of our team. There’s such a huge difference between being here on the first week of a patch and waiting until six and a half weeks after the new content arrives to even enter a raid with a patchwork group, like we did in 5.0. And it’s nice to be in the top 20 on our server for once (not that the server is what it once was, but still…).

– – –

After that, and again on Sunday night, we made a bunch of pulls on Horridon. It’s a much tougher fight, and we may have a gear issue on our team, as far as surviving and, in particular, burning down adds. However, at the end of the night we got to experience the wonder of Oondasta, the heroic world boss on the Isle of Giants.

Here’s the screenshot from our server’s kill. Yes, I died more times than I can remember…

Oondasta died... and killed a lot, too

Oondasta died… and killed a lot, too!

For this shot, which was taken by the Multishot addon, my resurrection timer was literally at 1 second when the boss died, but this one looks pretty sick anyway, so I went with it!

But yeah… Oondasta… is pretty hard core. The damage she dishes out is ridiculous.

– – –

During the week leading up to Saturday, I was having concerns about our group. One of our healers was slated to be out for part of the raid, and the replacement was away for the weekend. I was wondering if it would merely be a trash-farming night. However, I was pretty amped for it on Saturday, and spirits were generally high going in. Due to some technical issues, our other healer was able to join us in time for our fourth or fifth pull, and things progressed from there.

My expectations for our group are modest, based on recent experience, and as such, I tend to generally be skeptical of our collective ability to make progress. However, when it’s game time, I’m prepared, hepped up, and ready to kick some ass, and Saturday really proved to be a winner for us. It made for a good raid night, as I mentioned earlier.

Looking forward to killing more bosses and equipping better gear!

– – –

Thanks for reading this post by Mushan at Mushan, Etc. Comments are welcome!


One Comment on “Throne of Thunder: One week, one kill – Jin’rokh down! (with bonus…)”

  1. Bensen says:

    Were you with us for the first week of Firelands? We got Shannon down the first week. :)

    I will admit I was having an off night. I’m a little distracted with everything I have to get done before the move. Compounding things my video card can’t seem to keep up in this instance. I’m going to get some canned air
    today and see if it’s just dust.

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