Just when I thought I was out – Part two! Jumping back into PvP

If I remember correctly, patch 5.0 hit servers on August 28th. Around that time, I stopped doing battlegounds on my hunter, and I haven’t entered one since.

I’ve generally been content with that omission*. Raiding is my main passion – that, and raid prep – and I haven’t missed PvP very much at all.

*I don’t want to say “decision” because, while I decided not to PvP in patch 5.0 (pre-MoP), I never decided not to PvP anymore on the hunter. I just didn’t decide to PvP on the hunter after that, due to laziness, lack of interest, preoccupation with PvE content, or something.

In fact, now that I think about it, the major time sink that dailies/reputation grinds brought to WoW with Mists of Pandaria likely killed my desire to PvP. After leveling the hunter, I also leveled my bear to 90, then my warrior, then mage. I also have another hunter at 89, and my pally is 88. So it wasn’t necessarily a conscious choice, but PvP became “this thing that I don’t have time for, really.”

However, a singular set of circumstances has forced me to reconsider PvP, and the main circumstance is the quest from the Wrathion legendary questline entitled The Lion Roars, which requires a win in each of the new-for-MoP battlegrounds. When I got the quest, because I’ve reserved my knowledge of the legendary questline to in-game discovery for the most part, my reaction was “are you kidding me?”

My first thought was to go ahead and try the new BGs in my PvE gear, but with implementation of PvP Power and PvP Resilience, I decided that I didn’t want to go into BGs as something to be completely mowed down by the opposition.

In addition to this, I’ve also found myself at an odd point in the expansion. Raiding progress has been slow, and – since I have alts that I enjoy in addition to the hunter – I usually race to the VP cap on Mushan in order to get the Valorous bonus for those other toons. Since we raid on weekends, this means that, other than raiding, there isn’t all that much for the hunter to do from Friday night on, once I cap Valor.

– – –

I’ve slowly started putting together a PvP set anyway, ever since I started JP capping, so I’ve been converting JP to Honor and occasionally buying the Honor gear as I get the opportunity. I have five pieces as of the end of the last raid lockout, and I may begin to actively pursue Honor points this week, if I have the time. Tol Barad seems like a pretty good place to do this, particularly if I hit up several battles this weekend, and I’m hoping to add a couple more pieces to what will be a motley combination of PvE and PvP armor.

I’m actually kind of excited about PvPing again on Mushan, although I have no illusions about my abilities. It’s been so long, and I was never that great anyway. I’m not excited about ripping up my off-spec, which I use for questing and raid soloing, and rearranging my UI for PvP, but I don’t really have a choice if I want to keep up with the questline. And I think I’ll enjoy having something different to do with my hunter on weekends. This should bring some life back to the game for me, something old that’s new again.

I may not write about PvP much after this – particularly if it ends up being a disaster – even if I start doing it regularly, but when it comes to raiding, the show must go on. I really want to move forward with Wrathion on this character, so I will be doing some PvP in the very near future. For better or for worse. :D

– – –

Thanks for reading this post by Mushan at Mushan, Etc. Comments are welcome!


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