Wildfire Worldwalkers!

Got ’em! Last Saturday.

It took ten Feng!! kills, ten weeks with bonus rolls on each kill – and this is not counting the 20 times I killed him in Raid Finder, also with many bonus rolls – to pick up an upgrade over the Sha quest boots. I was patient – I could have gotten the Shieldwall boots with VP, but these are simply better boots for me, and now they’re mine!

Bensen, who is healing on his shaman now, joked that he hoped they would drop so that he could grab them for his off-spec – which is Elemental, incidentally. My reply was “mmmhmm…” but hey, the reverse-ish psychology seems to have actually sort have worked, eh Bensen? :)

My gearing priorities in the waning weeks of 5.1 are even clearer now. I have two potential things to look forward to: Elegon’s trinket (Normal) and the T14 shoulder token from Lei’Shi (LFR). I will be using my bonus rolls specifically for those two items from now until they drop / until 5.2 happens. Something like that.

– – –

On a somewhat related note – since this is how I roll – I’ve got to admit that I am chomping at the bit to see the full list of available gear from Throne of Thunder (RF and Normal) and the new faction Valor gear. I’m also curious to see whether they make (what has become) the traditional raid-patch Valor-to-Justice conversions, or if they will leave them alone. As recently as yesterday, I had seen nothing about a possible conversion except for a tweet from Ghostcrawler, in reply to just that question, that they “haven’t announced anything” about it.

What’s interesting about it is that they have announced that the “costs” of the 5.0 VP gear will be halved, while the “costs” of 5.1 gear will be cut by 25%. What I don’t know is whether that means they will still cost VP or if they’ll be changed to Justice. If they’re converted, I may pick up the Shieldwall belt for JP. If not, they become that much less attractive, despite the drop in price, since there will be new VP gear available. I’ll be interested to see how that works out.

Gear. I seem to be writing about it a lot lately!

– – –

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One Comment on “Wildfire Worldwalkers!”

  1. Bensen says:

    Sorry I’m so late to reply. Memorial Day is steadily approaching and I feel like I’m behind the 8-ball getting everything done around the house required to sell, so WoW is starting to drop on the priority list.

    Congrats on the boots. I’ll try not to suck so badly on the tornados this week so we can progress further in HoF.

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