A change in habit-tude

When I created Mushan, Etc., I did so because I felt a personal desire to have a place to express myself on WoW-related subjects.

While friends, both in-game and out, are an avenue for that, there are small elements of creativity that I can indulge in here that I cannot do elsewhere – at least, not in the format I enjoy. Not least of these elements is that I’m free to be long-winded without worrying that I’m boring someone to death – someone who isn’t interested in some long bullcrap story of mine doesn’t have to finish reading it here, whereas in person it’s not the same.

So I conceived of the blog, decided on the title (which is hardly clever or remarkable, but suffices), and proceeded to write.

To an extent, I’ve been very happy with how it has turned out. I enjoy writing the posts about transmogrification, soloing old content, funny stuff I encounter, talking a little bit about the class (although I don’t, and likely never will, write guides), alts, lore and quests, and so on. And for such a modest little blog that doesn’t have a strict focus or a consistent posting schedule, it’s been very well-read, which has blessed me more than I can express.

However, there is one area that has turned sour for me here. It corresponds with an area that has been a source of much frustration for me in-game, which is raiding and the lack of progression we’ve been able to make, post-Dragon Soul.

In private conversations with friends, I’ve confided that I don’t like the situation we’re in mostly because it makes me feel bitter about people that I consider friends. We stopped raiding Dragon Soul last June at 5/8 Heroic, and after 12 weeks of raiding in T14, we can’t keep a consistent roster from week to week, and we’re 7/16 in Normal modes. I have to be honest: I wasn’t expecting it to be like this, and as such my general reaction has been bitter disappointment. It’s very likely that my expectations were too high. That’s my fault if that’s true.

Anyway, raiding has made me consistently feel like an asshole beyond even my normal cantankerous nature. It’s a terrible feeling, and a frustrating one, because I don’t know how to solve it. I can’t quit or change guilds/teams, and I don’t want to, because I’m playing with some of my favorite people in the world right now, and we enjoy playing together, and that’s what it’s all about, right?

Well, not only does the subject rub me the wrong way, but writing about it has been a fairly negative experience for me (and readers) here at the blog since a few weeks after MoP launched. From the beginning, raiding has been mostly frustration, and it seems like that frustration has been splattered all over the place here.

However, whether or not people find such posts interesting or entertaining, I’ve come to the conclusion that bitching about stuff doesn’t make good copy – at least, it doesn’t make copy that I want to read. I realized this recently while reading several negative posts on various blogs, reading all the bitching and whining and bullshit that the devs and community team at Blizzard have to sift through and answer on Twitter/forums, and seeing a lot of general bitching on Twitter. I don’t like reading it, and I don’t like when I do it myself. And I do it way more than I am comfortable with.

There is more to Mushan (the author behind these posts) than being a whiny bitch. It may not seem that way here lately, and for that I apologize.

Therefore, I’m changing the way I think about what I want to write about. I’ve decided to be more creative when I blog, and to focus on other areas of the game in order to do so if necessary. I’ve decided that I’m going to take a hiatus from blogging about raid progression. This doesn’t mean there won’t be posts with the “Raiding” tag, but the ones that do will be more micro-focused on me, or on some mechanic, or will celebrate something, but won’t dwell on my disappointments. The “progression” tag, which has generally been about my team’s progress, will be on the back burner for the most part.

This change won’t solve any in-game raiding problems, but it will help me to enjoy my own blog – and the experience of writing posts – more than I do now. It also doesn’t mean more or less frequent posting. I’ll just be blogging more about the other topics.

Hopefully, this change in attitude toward my blogging habits will allow others to enjoy my writing more than they do now. I think it’s a change for the good; a much-needed self-correction.

– – –

Thanks for reading this post by Mushan at Mushan, Etc. Comments are welcome!


One Comment on “A change in habit-tude”

  1. Erinys says:

    Sorry that raiding has started to equal frustration for you, I had the same issue at the start of Cataclysm and it definitely coloured my attitude to everything in-game for a while. I look forward to reading more cheerful posts although I’ve never had an issue with the negative ones either because we all have to vent sometime.

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