My personal list of realistic short-term gear goals

My current boot upgrade options.

My current boot upgrade options – list generated at

Last night, missing two spots on our raid team, we put together a group of 30 (…) to down Sha of Anger. It was fun, getting people out of mind-control without all of the extra DPS, but we didn’t have too much trouble.

The bright spot of the night was that I was able to acquire the Tier 14 legs via bonus roll, which was awesome! I immediately upgraded them and reforged everything (the pants actually cleaned up my reforge, which I had been at odds with Mr. Robot about previously), and they’re good to go. It was a big upgrade, so that made me happy.

I’ve been thinking about possible upgrades quite a bit lately. The combination of my personal gear progression and our raid team’s slow raid progression has thinned out the list of possible upgrades I can reach for before 5.2 drops, so I decided to sit down and re-analyze what’s available and how likely it is that I can acquire better gear.

This post/list is completely self-serving, is not a guide or a BiS list, and is not a “complete” gear list. It’s just… something that I enjoy doing.

Current items are listed with ilvl and where I got them in parentheses; possible upgrades for each slot are below, with (ilvl), +relative upgrade value according to Mr. Robot, and comments on the value and the likelihood of  my acquisition of them.


Current: Hawkmaster’s Headguard (489; VP)

Crown of the Doomed Empress (496) – +499, good upgrade, better than Tier without another T14 piece, likely won’t kill Shek’zeer.

Yaungol Slayer’s Headguard (496, T14) – +344, slight upgrade without another tier piece, won’t kill Sha of Fear.

Realistic goal: none.


Current: Amulet of the Hidden Kings (489; Spirit Kings)

Pheromone Coated Choker (496) – +59, minimal upgrade, higher likelihood of dropping (Zor’lok).

Choker of Unleashed Storm (496) – +38, minuscule upgrade, drops from Blade Lord.

Realistic goal: either/both, although neither would be very impactful.


Current: Windwalker Spaulders (489; VP)

Wingslasher Pauldrons (496) – +327, Wind-Lord, unlikely to kill.

Yaungol Slayer’s Spaulders (496, T14) – +340, (more with another T14 piece), won’t kill Lei’Shi.

Waterborne Shoulderguards (496) – +505, Protectors, unlikely to kill.

Realistic goal: none.


Current: Arrow Breaking Windcloak (489; Feng)

Legbreaker Greatcloak (496) – +77, Garalon, we may or may not kill it.

Realistic goal: none, really. Even if we kill Garalon, we won’t kill him very many times.


Current: Raiment of Blood and Bone (496; LW)

Yaungol Slayer’s Tunic (496, T14) – -544, likely won’t kill Shek’zeer. However, would be an upgrade with another T14 piece.

Realistic goal: none.


Current: Stonemaw Armguards (489, Stone Guard)

Realistic goal: none, unless we kill Heroic Stone Guard several times.


Current: Yaungol Slayer’s Gloves (496, courtesy of Sha of Anger)

Realistic goal: none.


Current: Fetters of Death (489, Gara’jal)

Shadowgrip Girdle (483) – +12, Sha of Fear LFR, not worth the bonus roll.

Chain of Flaming Arrows (496) – +296, VP/Revered with Shieldwall, small upgrade.

Ranger’s Chain of Unending Summer (496) – +393, won’t kill Lei Shi.

Shadowgrip Girdle (496) – +670, won’t kill Sha of Fear.

Realistic goal: Chain of Flaming Arrows, if I get to the point where I have enough VP and it’s my best upgrade, before something better becomes available in 5.2.


Current: Yaungol Slayer’s Legguards (496+8, courtesy of Sha of Anger)

Realistic goal: none.


Current:Treads of Ardent Antagonism (476, Claw of Anger quest reward)

Wildfire Worldwalkers (476) – +112, Feng LFR, not worth the bonus roll.

Wildfire Worldwalkers (489) – +751, Feng, I bonus roll these every week!

Odlaw’s Everwalkers (496) – +265, VP/Revered with Shieldwall, small upgrade.

Monstrous Stompers (483) – +543, Amber-Shaper LFR, good upgrade.

Monstrous Stompers (496) – +1166, unlikely to kill Amber-Shaper.

Realistic goal: Feng, you will give me boots! Absent that, I’d take the LFR 483s. I need boots.


Current: Seal of the Windreaver (489, quest reward from Klaxxi exalted); Anji’s Keepsake (489, VP).

Painful Thorned Ring (496) – +75-104, minimal upgrade, unlikely to kill Wind-Lord.

Regail’s Band of the Endless (496) – +323, unlikely to kill Protectors.

Signet of the Shieldwall (496) – +140, VP/Revered with Shieldwall, small upgrade.

Realistic goal: the Shieldwall ring, a long time from now, if I still need it.


Current: Taoren, the Soul Burner (483+8, Sha-Touched with gem, Lei Shi LFR)

Fang Kung, Spark of Titans (489+8) – -52 with +8 upgrade, unlikely to kill Emperors many times but it’s not an upgrade.

Taoren, the Soul Burner (496+8, Sha-Touched with gem) – +1477 (+3201 with +8 upgrade), won’t kill Lei Shi.

Realistic goal: none.


Current: Relic of Xuen (476+8, Darkmoon reward, BiS); Bottle of Infinite Stars (476, Elegon LFR)

Arrowflight Medallion (496) – +293, VP/Revered with Shieldwall, minimal upgrade for a trinket/for the VP cost.

Bottle of Infinite Stars (489+8) – +700 (or +1155 with +8 upgrade), unlikely to kill Elegon many times.

Terror in the Mists (496+8) – +749 (or 1266 with +8 upgrade), won’t kill Lei Shi.

Realistic goal: Bottle of Infinite Stars, if we can start getting Elegon to drop on a weekly basis.

– – –

If you read all of that – and you’re forgiven if you didn’t! – you can see that, based on how progression is going (very, very slowly), there isn’t much further for me to go, gear-wise, in Tier 14. I’ve needed boots for months now, and so I will faithfully use bonus rolls on Feng until he complies. The other major upgrade that might be attainable is Elegon’s trinket; we’ll have to see about that.

I’m still enjoying the slice of raiding that we get to do for now, but we’re going to be entering a period of urgency in 5.2. There is a strong collective desire to experience this new and historic raid content to its fullest, combined with the fact that one of our core members is facing a major life/career change that will end his time with WoW in about six months. With those things in mind, we may have some new personnel with us in 5.2 in order to make that happen.

In the meantime, I’ll be optimizing and gearing and playing as well as I can, in order to be ready when it’s time to assault the Throne of Thunder!

– – –

Thanks for reading this post by Mushan at Mushan, Etc. Comments are welcome!


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