Item Level Upgrades now viewable on the Armory

Good news!

I just noticed that Blizzard has implemented the update to the WoW Armory that allows you to see Item Upgrades on character profiles. I had just upgraded my second item tonight, and when I reloaded my armory page, I noticed that, while the ilvl next to the item is the original, the tooltip for an upgraded item shows what you see in-game after an upgrade.

This means that when you load your character into, any fully-upgraded items are moved to the bottom of the list, and the next highest upgrade is moved to the top. Additionally, we may see these features become automatic (as opposed to adjustable, as it is currently) at places like, making reforging very simple if using an in-game addon (or long-form math) is not your thing.

For those who don’t know, is a great resource that lists all of your upgradable gear in order from the highest impact to lowest. If you were ever not sure which item to put your Valor or Justice Points into, this can help – although you also want to take into consideration factors such as how soon you are likely to be getting a better piece of gear in that slot, so it’s not a one-stop answer machine. However, it’s still worth checking out!

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