Operation Shieldwall: on second thought… maybe I’ll pass

On Thursday night, I tried to do these new dailies for the second time. You know, the ones for the new 5.1 faction Operation Shieldwall (or Horde equivalent).

Thirty minutes later, I was here at WordPress, furiously banging out a post that basically laid out, in rant-form, how this new faction can go ook itself.

I did not post it, though. Sometimes I like to let things settle and allow some sense of reason to set in, so that I can decide if I really want to waste everyone’s time convincing my readers that I’m a completely bitter / cynical / negative / grumpy old man, or something.

Upon reflection, as it was written, I won’t be posting it.

However, I will make a couple of points about it.

– – –

After my post from last Tuesday, I can honestly say that when I logged in to the game that afternoon, I wasn’t exactly excited about turning in the breadcrumb quest that I received. After messing around fixing my addons, and various other activities, I eventually went down there. I was so underwhelmed by the opening crap with Varian* and Anduin (etc.) that I didn’t do anything after I opened up the dailies.

*This part, by the way, was just awful. I don’t know what… I just hated it. It was one of the lamest openings to a faction or questline in the game, in my opinion.

Well, I actually did pick up the dailies. Then I looked at them for a moment in my Log, and then I abandoned them… and I proceeded to go on what has turned out to be a week-long LFR-running binge, interrupted for any significant amount of /played time only in order to level my mage the last 34 bars to 90.

Fast forward to Thursday… I was feeling a little bit annoyed with myself about not doing these new dailies. So I flew down to Krasarang and gamely picked up that day’s duties.

The quests for Thursday required me to go to the mine and do a bunch of crap. I figured, what the heck; I’ll kill a bunch of things, no big, right? So I descended, and killed things, and killed more things, and killed them again, and again, and again. Reliquary dudes were respawning the instant I killed them, every time, without fail. I was never out of combat. And every Mogu spirit was tagged. There were as many player-nameplates down there as there were mobs. It was a complete cluster.

I was never in any danger of dying. I have good gear, and they don’t hit that hard, and so on. But it was a horrible place to try to get anything accomplished.

So I ran back to the top, feigned death (I didn’t bother with fighting my way out; I just jogged and brought the mobs with me), handed in my Reliquary and Pandaren Spirit quests (which I had completed the equivalent of “many-times-over”), and abandoned the others. And I flew back to the Shrine, and started writing my about my disgust.

It didn’t take me long to come to terms with the fact that, in spite of my claims in my post from Tuesday, I won’t be hammering these out every day. I will not be prioritizing this rep, these dailies, or this gear.

– – –

The rewards are higher-level gear than what I have, in every slot. But they’re not the best-itemized pieces. The non-trinket items all have mastery on them, and they’re not high stat-budget (legs/chest/helm/weapon) pieces. The trinket seems to be nice, so I’ll give Blizzard credit for that. However, I’m just not feeling strongly enough about these pieces to deal with the horde of people doing them all at the same time, in such a confined space, with antiquated tag mechanics** in place.

**It seems like every patch, there is something that everyone needs, but only the first to tag can get credit for the kill. And eventually, Blizzard does a “my bad, y’all” and makes those mobs “quest symbol” mobs that can be shared. I don’t understand why they don’t make this the case at the beginning of the patch, when the tagging problem is the worst because the most people are working on the rep…

My main aim in this game is to raid – to raid well, and to raid with my friends. And my gear set, which is currently one of the most complete in the guild, is not one of the larger problems our raid team has right now. So I’m feeling like making the process of attaining these pieces a priority is not necessarily a high-leverage way to spend my time in-game.

And it’s not like I can just avoid the crowds by doing the dailies at 2am. While there are times that I do stay up that late, I’m never in the mood to do dailies when I do. And because of the way my work schedule is heading, I don’t imagine that I’ll be doing that very much since an early morning wake-up is less pleasant with less sleep.

I’m not going to be brash and proclaim that I will never ever do this rep grind. It may happen, eventually, and gradually. However, I’ve pretty much decided that I’m not going to give myself too much grief about not making this faction a priority. I’d rather just raid right now.

– – –

Thanks for reading this post by Mushan at Mushan, Etc. Comments are welcome!


2 Comments on “Operation Shieldwall: on second thought… maybe I’ll pass”

  1. Erinys says:

    Totally agree. Massively underwhelming, too much competition for spawns which turns everything into a reaction test and leaves you feeling guilty when you “steal” the tenth mob from under someone else’s nose because they weren’t quite fast enough. Plus it’s supposed to be war.. doesn’t really feel like it at all. Today I got the Skyfire dailies and killed a few Goblin “civilians” despite there being a base of soldiers just over there, brought a few dog tags back and polluted the place by blowing up fuel tanks next to pristine waters, beaches and woods full of rare species.

    • Mushan says:

      Thanks for your comment, Erinys! I feel better knowing that I’m not alone in my feelings about the new faction. And days after posting this, I’m happy that I’ve decided to let it go for a while. :)

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