Skipping what I never skip

Stone Guard guild first, 11/17

I’ve been quiet here lately.

Then again, I work retail, and it has been particularly draining for me lately with the holidays beginning. This week, it’s highly likely that I will even skip Raid Finder entirely in order to relax and be able to focus my in-game energy on our raids tonight and tomorrow.

I did run Mogu’shan (RF) earlier in the week, but otherwise my work schedule has prevented me from going to the places that, up to this point, I have run as soon as they’ve become available, and every week thereafter, and sometimes two or three times a week depending on when others the guild were running them. While my luck has generally ebbed lately, as far as drops go, I’ve been enjoying seeing the new content and having the opportunity to win some gear, if nothing else.

As such, it feels like I’m failing my team this week by not at least trying to get something new.

However, this is the reality of my situation: by the time we gather to raid tonight at 9:30, I will have gotten less than eight hours of sleep in the previous sixty. Working midnight to 9:30am – on Black Friday – just killed any semblance of a normal sleep schedule that I had, and I’ve been having trouble catching winks when I am home. I’ve certainly had the time, but my body’s clock is a mess right now. Thankfully tomorrow I have the day off, so I’m hoping to re-regulate a little bit.

I’m generally at peace, mentally, about the fact that this week will essentially be a wash. I’m still going to cap Valor, since I’ve been slipping into dungeons from time to time for some quick-and-easy points, and doing a few quests on occasion. So I should be ready to upgrade my weapon when patch 5.1 drops, whether that day is 11/27 or 12/4.

Anyway, our guild finally downed Stone Guard on Saturday last week (our second week of raiding) with four melee DPS, my hunter, and no Time Warp since our mage was unavailable that night. We then got in a bunch of decent attempts on Feng, and we’ll pick it up there if we can down the Stone Guard again this week. Last week we lucked out and got the Jasper-less combination, and I think that definitely made things easier. Hopefully we can cope with more difficult mechanics tonight, which will certainly include chains…

With Feng, once some of the learning was sorted out, we hit a wall when we couldn’t force Phase 3 before the fourth Draw Flame, even with Time Warp. It’s a DPS issue – mostly gear – and I believe that it will take care of itself shortly.

Things are moving slowly in-game for me now. And it goes even more slowly when my body and brain are numb with fatigue. However, I’m still here, still playing. In addition to capping valor and raiding on my hunter, I’ve gotten my mage up to level 88 from 85 in the past week-to-10-days. He’s no hunter, but I’m still having fun with him. I also finally got my Cloud Serpent mounts this week on Mushan, and won 1st place in the race. Now that was fun! I’m glad I didn’t rush through the Cloud Serpent rep. Doing Cloud Serpent dailies occasionally has made for a nice diversion during the Valor grind.

More soon!

– – –

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