Stepping into Mogu’shan Vaults

Finally, stepping into Mogu’shan

Last Saturday, we finally managed to scrounge together a 10-player raid team for the first time since Mists of Pandaria launched. It was only six days later than our target date.

Considering the number of obstacles we face with regard to personnel in our guild, this wasn’t too bad. However, the group we put together was fairly rag-tag.


Here’s how the team “roster” looked during the weeks leading up to our target date:

  • Raid leader / main tank: paladin. Check.
  • Tank: DK. Check.
  • Melee DPS: two warriors, one rogue. Check.
  • Ranged DPS: hunter, mage. Check.
  • Healer: priest, _____?, _____?. Not check.

A couple of weeks ago, we invited a long-time friend from outside the guild to raid with us on a consistent basis, and he agreed. This was a huge boon for us, because the guy is awesome, and all he does is heal. Arenas, RBGs, raids, standing in (City) – the guy heals like a mofo. So there was our druid, and we just needed a third healer to complete the team.

As I mentioned in the post linked above, we had a couple of plans that I had assumed were in motion to fill those two healer spots. Our monk, whose presence is generally not needed (he wants to “DPS”, which we obviously do not need), had said he would rather heal on his paladin when he was asked to heal instead, and commented that he would begin to put together a set of gear and a spec. This was during the final weekend of October.

Additionally, we have a guy coming back to WoW who has been leveling a new druid since the start of the expansion.

Fast forward to the end of last week. At that point, the monk/pally had just not really played much at all since that conversation. Which was awesome. Sitting at a 435 max ilvl, glyphed for ret, etc., he was not ready to raid. And the druid took a week-long break at some point in there, and as of today is still not level 90 yet.

And on a sad note, the awesome healer friend we recruited is dealing with the seemingly imminent loss of his father, which is a devastating thing to have to experience. We have no idea when we’ll see him again, but we’re not terribly concerned about him playing WoW. We love the guy, and feel awful for him, and hope that by some miracle his father pulls through.


Anyway, the monk logged in. The rogue was out of town for the weekend, which we had anticipated, so we used the monk as damage. My girlfriend, who had just finished leveling her alt priest to 90 (and is also an awesome healer), zerged some dungeons for gear and came in as the second healer. And our main tank, who has healed before but is vastly better-geared for prot, decided to heal (as you can sort of see in the screenshot) since we had another DK tank online at the time.

So we ventured into the Vaults, with the following lineup: 2 x Blood, Arms, Fury,Windwalker, Fire, SV, Holy priest, Disc priest, Holy pally. Good to go, right?


It was not one of the better (non-LFR) raiding performances I’ve been a part of. Not by a long shot.

We had a variety of issues, and the fact that all of us were learning the fight wasn’t the biggest. On the other hand, one of the biggest was our replacement tank, who just couldn’t seem to follow directions on which dog to taunt, among other things. But overall, it was just a crappy performance. And we have gearing issues…

We called it after 15 wipes (and marginal progress), and came back in on Sunday.


Without a third healer again, and the not-good DK unavailable (which was a blessing, really), Squido (main tank/RL) put together a set of BoE blue gear for the monk to use on his paladin, recruited a third(!) warrior* to substitute for the monk DPS spot, and we went in again. This lineup was much better, and with a smart, aware tank leading the charge, we had more than a dozen additional attempts that night.

*As I also mentioned in the post linked above, we have a disproportionate amount of melee DPS… or, to say it better, not enough ranged. And not enough healers, obviously…

Overall, the Sunday night attempts were a marked improvement over Saturday’s. Where we hadn’t even approached 50% on Saturday with everyone alive, we got the dogs down into the 30s on Sunday. People seemed to be getting a grasp of the Petrify mechanic, and as such everyone was generally surviving for lot longer. It gave me a modicum of hope for the future.

I’ve already noted in my last post that I wasn’t happy with my own performance.  However, I’m hoping that a week of practice with my reworked “rotation” plus the experience of the past weekend will help me raid better on Saturday night.

It was good to raid again, for real. But it will be better when we get a stable, dependable lineup and begin to make some real progress. My girlfriend will have better gear by the weekend, and I see that the paladin has glyphed himself appropriately and will hopefully follow through on his promise to run some dungeons for heroic gear. Anyway, I’m hoping that progress will come sooner than later. We shall see.

It sucks starting so late in the xpac (already)…

– – –

Thanks for reading this post by Mushan at Mushan, Etc. Comments are welcome!


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