Life in Post-Revered Pandaria: everything in moderation

We conquer together

In the couple of weeks since I became revered with every Valor Point-vending faction in Pandaria, I’ve noticed that my in-game hunting life has become more balanced.

As we’ve only just started raiding, I’ve had more than five weeks since level 90 to finish repping up the four pertinent factions, run Raid Finder several times, grab gear and VP from heroic dungeons, and get my Way of the Wok cooking squared away. And since hitting revered, I’ve taken time to work on other toons – including doing dailies on them.

In the beginning, it was all about the dailies, with some heroics thrown in. Then, on October 9th, it was dailies, Raid Finder, and some fill-in heroics. And more Raid Finder the next week. And so on.

Lately, though, I’ve found myself in the comfortable position of being able to pick and choose what I want to do.

Here is what my time spent on my hunter has looked like recently:

1) Mogu’shan Vaults RF, both halves, on Tuesday (and usually again later in the week with guild members). I no longer use bonus roll tokens in here. However, on Tuesday, it goes very fast generally, which means a quick 180 VP.

2) Heart of Fear RF. Ideally, I do this on Tuesday too, but maintenance and work may prevent that from happening from time to time. I got lucky and won the cloak in there last week.

3) Ironpaw daily, every day. I’m too lazy to farm fish to turn in for Ironpaw tokens, so I do the quest each day on all three of my 90s. Since I haven’t been raiding all along, I have a nice stash of these tokens saved up for when things get real and I need to make a lot of the best food.

4) Heroic dungeons. I try to do one per day. Most of the time, unless we get Shado’pan Monastery or Seige, they go really fast for a quick 80 VP. SV hunter AoE gets pretty sick in some of these, and it’s even better when there’s someone else doing mega-AoE damage along with me.

5) Cloud Serpent dailies, if I feel like it – and only the ones that award VP. I’m in no hurry to get exalted with them. Not that I don’t want a mount, but I’m not going to grind it religiously.

6) Sha of Anger, if it works out. I’ve been lax about this, and at this point I’ve only killed him three times where I probably should have killed him twice as often. But I did win the Tier 14 gloves on a bonus roll on this boss last week.

7) August Celestials dailies, if I feel like it, because I actually enjoy them.

8) Shado’pan dailies, if I’m really, really bored.

9) Raiding. Started last week. See previous post. We’ll get there…

While there has been, and continues to be, a lot of uproar about the gating of Valor gear behind reputation, I find myself of an interesting mindset about it, for two reasons. First of all, now that I’m revered across the board, what’s really holding me back is the Valor cap(s, both weekly and overall) rather than the reputation. Secondly, I’m finding that my situation provides for a varied and relaxed playing experience as I work on, among other things, hitting the cap each week.

The way in which the Valor caps affect me most is in the decision-making. 3,000 VP is a tight cap. I’ve already bought one piece, which represented 1.75 weeks of VP work, that I’ve replaced (trinket), and I’d rather not do that again if I can help it. Today, as the reset has occurred, I’m sitting 760 points short of the cap, and I have to make a decision soon. Right now, my best choices, +DPS/VP, are the legs, helm, bracers and ring, in that order. What bothers me is that, in any of those cases, I’m afraid that I will immediately replace them with a drop that has, in most cases, heretofore eluded me. You know what I mean. For instance, if I buy the VP bracers, bracers from RF Stone Guard would make me cringe, while bracers from normal Stone Guard would make me highly annoyed if we are successful in there this weekend. Similarly, the legs from the RF Spirit Kings will almost certainly drop the next time I run it after I purchase them. You can see where I’m going with this.

And what happens with Tier gear? What happens if I buy something and then I get the tier drop in RF Heart of Fear? Or what if I get lucky on the Sha of Anger?

Ultimately, what will happen will happen. I’m just being anal about making the best decision, but it seems like it, and all of the research I’ve been putting into the making of these decisions, will all come down to what amounts to a gamble – or, more (metaphorically) accurately, a roll of the dice.

This week, I’ll kill 12 bosses in RF at least once (hopefully – we’ll see how 2nd-half HoF goes), and most likely the Sha of Anger. I may do a  heroic dungeon or two, and a few dailies, but I may purposely stay a couple hundred points below the 3,000 point cap before we raid in case we do kill Stone Guard on normal, so that I don’t have to buy anything before hand OR waste any VP. Then again, this strategy may alter if I pick up a couple of useful pieces in LFR or from the Sha – in particular, if I get the legs from either the Spirit Kings RF or Un’sok RF (Tier!), I’ll probably go ahead and buy the helm before we raid. We’ll see how the next couple of days shake out.

At any rate, I’m sitting in a good place, where my next purchase will put me a hair away from 480, and any additional usable drops this week will be a bonus. And if I want to do some dailies instead of dungeons, I can. And if I want to do some dungeons instead of dailies, that option is there. As I said, it’s a relaxing way to go about it. Much more fun than back in 4.1 when I was banging my head against the Zandalari heroics for both drops and VP (before I was in a raiding guild).

The daily grind isn’t necessarily always fun for competitive raiders, particularly at the beginning. However, I’m finding that I’m not burned out on heroics like I was at similar points in past expansions, and that is a good thing, in my book.

– – –

Thanks for reading this post by Mushan at Mushan, Etc. Comments are welcome!


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