(Aka A short progress report; or Thank God that’s over; or some other similar title.)

Last Saturday, I hit Exalted with the Klaxxi.

(I also hit Exalted with the Anglers that day, but that is of little consequence with respect to gear.)

Sunday, I hit Revered with the August Celestials, and had reached that level a day or so previously with the Shado’pan.

Thank you, Unburdened buff!

Got to Revered, then got lazy.

With the AC and SP revered reps – along with the fact that I bought the Valor Point necklace as my first item purchase, not knowing about the neck that you get for completing the Golden Lotus questline at exalted before I did so – I now stand at revered with each of the four VP-gear-related factions. So my days of grinding each daily for each faction on Mushan are over for the time being.

It’s a nice place to be. And it means that I have to find different ways to cap Valor Points each week. Given that MoP has been such a daily quest grind once I hit level 90, heroics have gotten the short end of the stick due to time constraints. This week, I am finding them to be a somewhat refreshing change from the previous status quo.

Now, I hadn’t been completely neglecting heroics while Valor-capping by Friday every week. I’ve still been running them – just not every day. And I’ve done more Raid Finder than I’d care to discuss in detail. Now, I’m sitting in a good spot as we near our first normal attempts this weekend (fingers crossed that that will actually happen).

As gear goes, here is where I stand:

Only three blue 463 (heroic) pieces left: helm, pants, and bracers.

Only one 470 item: Seal of Ghoulish Glee, the Headless Horseman’s offering.

One crafted piece: Gloves of Earthen Harmony (476).

Both Fang Kung, Spark of Titans and Bottle of Infinite Stars, the Raid Finder bow and trinket, which I picked up last Sunday and this Tuesday. Which is awesome. No more running Gate of the Setting Sun every single day for the seemingly infinitesimal chance of a Klatith drop!

A total of seven ilvl 476 pieces.

Four ilvl 489 pieces (three VP items (neck, shoulders, trinket), plus the Klaxxi quest ring).

Overall, I’m happy with where I am. It’s taken a lot of hard (and sometimes mind-numbing) work to get to this place, so I should be in good shape when we line up to face the Stone Guard. I’m hoping that we can get enough people to start raiding this weekend; prepping myself for the upcoming fights, should they happen; working on capping VP each week; working on alts…

More soon!

– – –

Thanks for reading this post by Mushan at Mushan, Etc. Comments are welcome!


2 Comments on “Revered”

  1. Quelys says:

    I know what you mean with GotSS… that bow doesnt exist as far as I am concerned!
    For your bracers, look into the conquest option – you can carry a partner and cap in 2s ;)
    Good luck with your raid!

    • Mushan says:

      Thanks, Quel!

      Yeah, I only continued running GotSS because Lei said she had one drop – not that I had much hope, of course – but after winning this one in RF on a bonus roll, I’m happy to only run that heroic now when it randomly comes up. :)

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