Hunters and the “Daily” grind

The hunter is my favorite class in World of Warcraft.

Tanking Crypt of Forgotten Kings, September 28th

After hitting 90 about eleven days ago, I started right away on the dailies for Golden Lotus, Klaxxi, The Anglers and The Tillers. Some of these quests can get hairy, particularly in areas – like The Golden Stair – where you can find yourself mobbed by swarms of little bastards, or snuck up on by a Marauder and an Effigy (or the Behemoth) with no notice.

This is a theme that isn’t unfamiliar: in expansion content in particular, chances are you’re going to find yourself in chaotic, “oh shit!” situations. If it’s a new expansion and things are respawning at a high rate, your quest to ‘kill 30 swarmers’ can turn into “I had to kill 86 swarmers!” or “I f@%king died because I got mobbed by like a thousand swarmers!”

I experienced these types of situations a lot while leveling, and continue to do so at times while doing dailies. However, since Mists of Pandaria launched, I have died only one time (excluding dungeons), and that was when I accidentally rode off the edge of Kota Peak at 88 when I took a turn too wide while riding back down the mountain. It was a long, long… splat.

Other than that, though, I think that being a hunter served me extremely well as I slew and slaughtered my way to 90. My next two toons, a guardian druid (90 Saturday night) and prot warrior (86), are both fun and frustrating. On one hand, they have great survivability and can handle large groups at once without much problem. On the other hand, whether the mobs are one or many, the killing is slow. I’m thankful that I did a good portion of my leveling on the druid with rested XP, because killing stuff was brutal, although it was good experience for learning the new active mitigation system. The hunter, though, had almost no rest, and was able to handle almost every situation with little trouble. And handle it relatively quickly.

Being a hunter continues to serve me well, post-90. Did a Mogu Effigy spawn behind you while you’re soloing the Behemoth? Trap him. Swarms making life miserable during dailies? Glyphed Misdirect and Glyph of Mending are your best friends – as is your turtle. Lots of competition for not enough mobs? Target and misdirect newly spawned mobs to join the group you’re already killing, and burn them down. Accidentally run into an elite (or, even better, a rare)? Solo his ass with no problem.

Seriously. I didn’t realize how awesome things were until my girlfriend asked me last night if there was anything I needed to know about killing the elite spider in (but not “IN-in”) Gate of the Setting Sun for her final daily of Golden Lotus quests. She’s a resto/ele shaman.

Her: “Does this spider do anything special?”

Me: “I don’t know. When I had that quest, I just killed it.”

Her: “God – you’re no help.”

Me (defiantly): “Sorry. I’m a hunter. We kill things.”

Yes, if there’s anything negative that doing stuff on the hunter does, it allows me to ignore mechanics of quest mobs (and quest text, for that matter). For instance, she mentioned in passing, after killing the spider, that you can kite it over to the oil barrels and something… I don’t know. Because, when I killed that thing on Thursday, I saw it, checked its health, said, “ah, I should be able to do this,” MD’d to my pet and set to work. Soon, it was dead. End of story.

Same thing happened with the Dread Kunchongs in the Dread Wastes. You’re supposed to use the quest item to emit a pulse that makes the things die a lot faster… or something. Me? I just walked up to one, MD’d it – and the three Manipulators surrounding it – to Phobos the Turtle, and shortly after that everything was dead. Rinse, repeat.

Meanwhile, before the authentication process screeched to a halt Sunday afternoon, I was working on doing my first set of dailies on my druid. For the Dread Kunchong, I remembered the pulse emitter thing – after I took almost a minute to kill the first one. And when I pulled extra stuff from time to time, I was physically fine, but the damage was slow if I wasn’t using Berserk.

– – –

There’s been some discussion among players about the problems with gating Valor Point gear (and cooking, to some extent) behind reputation gains and/or dailies, forcing players who are trying to progress to do up to two hours of dailies each day. This becomes a problem for people who love the game and are highly competitive raiders, but also have real life responsibilities that require more – or much, much more – than 40 hours’ time. This is a real issue, and I think that the jury is still out on how well Blizzard is addressing the balance between players running out of content too fast and players burning out from having too much required of them to be competitive raiders. And if my druid were my main, I might be one of those who would burn out from such time-consuming reputation requirements.

I must stress that I am not making light of this issue, with the next comment I make.

However, on my hunter, dailies don’t take nearly as much time as that. I have high DPS, great survivability, and utility, and I can handle any situation I come across with efficiency. It’s one of the reasons I love playing this class – among other things, they’re great for questing.

– – –

Thanks for reading this post by Mushan at Mushan, Etc. Comments are welcome!

H/T @restokin and @RestoWorgen for the dailies perspectives!


4 Comments on “Hunters and the “Daily” grind”

  1. […] Other than that, though, I think that being a hunter served me extremely well as I slew and slaughtered my way to 90. . . . read full article […]

  2. Laeleiweyn says:

    I thought Lore from Tankspot had a good way of looking at the daily quest grind in the latest Weekly Marmot. The summary is that there is a weekly cap on Valor Points that limits the gear-shopping more than what the reputation does. So it shouldn’t be necessary to be Revered with all factions from start, you can slowly work through one by one if you prefer that.

    Of course if you want your weekly 90 Lesser Charm of Good Fortune you will have to do between 7 and 13 dailies each day on average (depending on if the quest award 1 or 2), but that’s not too bad I think, especially since this is on average and you can then do more some days and less other days.

    On the other subject, I also notice(d) a clear difference between leveling my hunter and my windwalker monk. I got more often overwhelmed on the monk. It wasn’t necessarily a bad experience sometimes getting overwhelmed though. :) On my hunter I’ve had my ferocity pet die a couple of times, but Feign Death/Camouflage usually makes all the bad go away. :)

  3. Erinys says:

    Today is my first day post 90 of not doing a full round of dailies and I feel bad :(

    I’m doing all my mine with my husband (rogue) and we’re just pulling as many mobs as we can at once and aoeing them. It’s going fairly fast but we lose time in the pick up static items (not the ones from mobs) because we need to find double the spawns. Still think a full circle must take 2 hours, but that’s everything. Will have to time it.

  4. Linken Lam says:

    I’ve actually died a lot during questing but that’s mostly because I like jumping off cliffs and world PvP.

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