Ready for Mists of Pandaria

Mushan and his legion of Wintersabers!

At least, I’m as prepared as I’m going to be:

25 daily quests, complete and ready to turn in!

25 Daily Quests to turn in

Now, that’s not all I’ve done, of course. But this is significant, if only to me, because I’ve never done it before. Before Wrath, before Cataclysm, I just went in prepared in other ways, but I did it organically, with no instant XP boost. However, that came back to bite me in in a small way when I ended up running out of quest content sooner, meaning my level 85 life was dailies, dungeons and raids, and PvP. We’re not talking about a significant boost, of course, but I’m going to try it this way, since I do enjoy questing.

Additionally, I will not be able to play the game until the early evening on Tuesday, since I have to work that day until 6:30pm. I do have Wednesday and Thursday, and most of the days Friday and Saturday, to level, and so I can still see myself getting 20 to 30 hours /played by Friday afternoon. However, since I have to wait 16 hours before I can start, I’d like to have that boost, however small it may be, when I do log in.

Here’s the plan for turning them in: Log out in Thundermar. Upon login, turn in 5 Wildhammer dailies. Hearth to Stormwind. Portal to Tol Barad Peninsula, turn in all 12 dailies at Baradin Base Camp. Portal back to Stormwind. Portal to Deepholm, portal to Therazane’s Throne, turn in 6 dailies.* Portal back to Temple of Earth, portal back to Stormwind. Turn in Cooking and Fishing dailies, and that’s 25. It should only take about 5 minutes or so.

*I don’t do Glop, Son of Glop. Not if I don’t have to…

On a side note, if you don’t plan to do all the dailies, it’s still highly advisable to empty your quest log of miscellaneous quests from Cata or earlier. It can be very easy to fill that quest log while leveling, and there’s little that’s more annoying than having to go back and abandon grey quests while you’re trying to enjoy the experience because your log won’t let you accept any more quests. And the more of those grey quests there are, the more annoying it is.

Spec, Talents and Glyphs

I decided to go Survival, since that’s the spec I enjoy the most and will be using when I raid. I expect that it will totally kick ass.

Talents: I went with Posthaste – Silencing Shot – Spirit Bond – Fervor – Blink Strike.

Glyphs: Marked for Death – Misdirection – Mending. Minor glyphs are more a matter of taste, but I’ll note that I chose Aspect of the Cheetah – although I don’t know how much I’ll use that aspect – and Revive Pet, just in case. Hopefully I won’t need to resurrect my pet at all while leveling…

This setup should allow me to move quickly, kill mobs quickly, stay healthy, and keep mobs off of me.


I decided to bring several stacks of Potion of the Tol’vir for nice Agility boosts. I got that idea from watching Kripparrian’s First-to-level-90 guide video, in which he showed bringing more than a dozen stacks of this potion, back in March. I’m also bringing stacks of Skewered Eel and Flask of the Winds, as well as a couple stacks of Runescroll of Fortitude II and a nearly full Drums of the Forgotten Kings. These will give me a nice selection of Agility and Stamina buffs that will benefit me all the way to level 90. Additionally, I’m bringing along some Potions of Speed on the off-chance that I can use them, as well as some regular health food, just in case.

By the way, there is new food available at the vendors in the capitol cities. I live in the Dwarven District for the most part, so I visit Thaegra Tillstone at The Golden Keg. She sells new foods for level 85+ (Cornmeal Biscuit, Peppered Puffball, and I’m sure other vendors have others) that heal for 100,000 health over 20 seconds, which is much better than the old Cataclysm foods (96,000 health over 30 seconds). I stocked up on Cornmeal Biscuit, since it’s light and should keep me energized during my adventures.

Finally, Dust of Disappearance (now a lot cheaper!) is a good thing to have several of on-hand for switching talents and glyphs if you so choose, although those will switch to requiring Tome of the Clear Mind at level 86. I assume that you’ll be able to pick them up in Pandaria.


Contrary to the above picture, I will probably just go with my wolf, Basil, since he brings the 5% Critical Strike buff. I’ll also bring along Phobos the Turtle and Paolo the Bear for any “extreme” situations I may find myself in. Pets can be any spec now, but I like to have a couple of specific tanking pets for their abilities. And, I’ll bring my cat because he’s pretty, and my Sporebat in case I get into a fracas with a rogue.

Fracas. What a great word.

– – –

What else? I’ve created plenty of space in my bags, I’ve got plenty of gold, I like my UI (although I will definitely be updating addons through Curse before I log in, and disabling out of date ones).  I’m reforged so that I have both Hit and Expertise Rating. I just need to log out on Mushan (as well as my druid and warrior) in Thundermar, so I can start the quest turn-ins right away. I’ve got the time off from Tuesday night on. I think I’m ready.

The only way I’m not prepared is that I’m going into Pandaria relatively blind – but that’s not really a negative, relative to my goals. I enjoy questing, and I’m really excited to see the beautiful new landscapes and experience the story. That isn’t to say I won’t be trying for level 90 in only a few days time, but I plan to enjoy the crap out of the newness.

I hope you all do too!

– – –

Thanks for reading this post by Mushan at Mushan, Etc. Comments are welcome!


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