Hunter leveling tips for Mists of Pandaria, courtesy of Tabana at WoW Hunters Hall (Go there!)

Last Friday, Tabana posted a great article about leveling 85-90 as a hunter in Mists of Pandaria. I’m telling you right now, it is highly recommended reading.

Titled Hunter Tips for the First Week in Mists of Pandaria, this article contains links to many resources at both WHH and other sites for leveling hunters of any stripe, as well as many of Tabana’s insights from her own leveling experiences on the beta.

Featured topics include spec, pets/buffs, glyphs, talents, questing, gear, scenarios, and the changes to factions and Valor/Justice Points and how they’re now intertwined.

I’ve been reading up on, and preparing for, the leveling experience for a while now, and I’m sure most of you have as well. However, it certainly didn’t hurt me to take a look at her article, which is both concise and fairly exhaustive. There were a couple of points that she made which caused me to re-think a couple of my talent choices, and, as someone who had not set foot in the beta, I found her comments about scenarios enlightening.

In all, the guide is a great resource for most hunters, from those who plan to enter the expansion with wide eyes – taking screenshots, soaking in the scenery and learning the lore quest by quest – to those who hope to reach 90 quickly and begin raid or PvP preparations.

My post about this is intentionally vague in many ways. Tabana did the work, so I’m not going to copy it. Hop on over to WoW Hunters Hall via the link at the top of this post, and see for yourself the great stuff she put together for us!

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One Comment on “Hunter leveling tips for Mists of Pandaria, courtesy of Tabana at WoW Hunters Hall (Go there!)”

  1. Great info, looks like a have some hunting to do tonight.WOW life never ends.

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