PC update #1: I finished building it!

Sorry, this is not a ‘built-your-own-PC’ tutorial. This, however, is.

The parts arrived Wednesday.

I finished building it Thursday morning.

I loaded Windows and the WoW disks last night.

Now, I’m in the middle of downloading the massive gob of updates that is the bulk of what we see in-game today. This is going to take a while.

– – –

So my excitement is tempered very slightly – but only very slightly.

I was originally planning to start the build today or tomorrow, since I didn’t know how soon the parts would arrive. As it turned out, I ordered Monday afternoon, the boxes shipped Tuesday, and I had them in my grubby hands on Wednesday evening when I got home.

I was able to tide my excitement over into Thursday morning, when I proceeded to finish building it before work. My mind was blown. Test boot: success. Complete build: success. Then, work (oh the pain!). The Windows install was relatively painless, and now I’m experiencing the true test of patience, which is all of the WoW patches that will round out the core experience.

With the project finished, I was hoping that today would be a day to download addons and set up my UI, but I’m not going to tackle that before the updates are finished, both because downloading stuff from Curse takes a crazy long time when you’re already downloading something, and because I’m not going to be playing yet, so it’s no big deal. Still, it’s difficult to contain the excitement.

I was able to log in for a short while, although I currently still sit at more than 13GB to go. The game looks amazing, as I expected. I curtailed some of the settings (it wants me to play everything on “High” by default), because I’m not interested in pushing it right now. It looks great at “Good” for most and “Fair” for things like water detail. For now, I’ll run with that, and adjust upward if I decide to. Regardless, considering that the monitor I’m using is a five-year-old flatscreen, the game looks absolutely phenomenal.

I took the hunter down to Crystalsong Forest to kill some wolves. Crystalsong Forest looks phenomenal.


I can’t imagine what Mists of Pandaria is going to look like, but I’m prepared to be blown away, now that this thing is really finally sitting in front of my face!

– – –

Thanks for reading this post by Mushan at Mushan, Etc. Comments are welcome!


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