I’m building a new PC this week, and not a moment too soon!

The end of my computer-less-ness is nigh.

It’s been more than two and a half months since my late-2009 27″ iMac had its fit of apoplexy. In that time, my computer-related entertainment has basically consisted of playing with no addons on my girlfriend’s laptop – and that needs to be replaced as well – when she isn’t playing, and of tweeting from my Vita.

The prospect of replacing the iMac has been complicated by the fact that I needed to find a new job, which is difficult in this economy. I was extremely fortunate to be hired by a friend of mine in late August, and I’ve got some income now.

Back in July, one of my guildies, Sombramuerte, suggested to me that I could get the best value for my money by building my own PC. During the Ulduar days, he built himself a sweet system, and had a blast both building it and using it. And when he found out that my old one had died, he told me that he had recently built a PC fairly cheaply that could handle WoW for his girlfriend to use.

This put the bug in my brain. I spent hours researching the possibilities, because I’ve never built a system from the ground up before, and I had no confidence that I could pull it off. But those hours of study, and several videos, helped me feel better about the idea. So I’ve been putting together a project over the past several weeks, with some advice from both Somb and my father, as well as a well-timed post by Lissana with some helpful resources for building an MoP-ready PC. After some final tweaking this weekend, I was able to order the components today for my project.

Lissana told me that she received her components fairly quickly from both Newegg and Amazon, so I’m hoping they arrive by Thursday; if they do, I can build it on Friday, which is my day off, and start getting software loaded and so on. If I don’t screw up the build or the OS install, it shouldn’t be a problem to get WoW loaded and start configuring addons.

I’m pretty excited about this, even if it doesn’t make for an exciting post, because it will be extremely nice to play on a PC with good graphics and power again. I’ll write an update when things get moving!

– – –

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