WoW Hunters Hall MoP gear list, Mach 1

I’m lazy.  I’ll readily admit that.

Whereas Tabana is seemingly always working over at WoW Hunters Hall, I’m one of those lazy bastids who waits for lives for lists like this.

Yesterday, Tabana published her preliminary Mists of Pandaria gear list for hunters.

I’ve been waiting for a list like this for a couple of months now.  To say that I’ve been salivating with anticipation is not a stretch in the slightest.  It’s the first comprehensive gear list that I’ve seen – although I did take some time to check out the recently released loot tables on Wowhead – and it’s a very nice list at that, including both links to the items and information on where the items drop and/or what quest rewards an item.

As we begin to enter the final preparatory stretch before the beta ends and the MoP cycle begins, people like me will be dissecting these lists for both salivatory and planning purposes.  The majority of players get very excited about new gear for a new tier or expansion, and I’m no exception.

If you’re a hunter, and you aren’t yet locked in to the WoW Hunters Hall for some reason (and if you’re not, you should be!), head over to the link above, check out the gear list, and look at the other MoP guides that Tabana has in progress.  They’re living guides (and by that I mean that they’ll change as more info becomes available), but it’s still very exciting to be at the point where the gear picture is starting to take shape.

Thanks, Tabana!

– – –

Thanks for reading this post by Mushan at Mushan, Etc.  Comments are welcome!


3 Comments on “WoW Hunters Hall MoP gear list, Mach 1”

  1. Tabana says:

    Thanks for helping to get the information out, Mushan.

    • Mushan says:

      You’re welcome – hope it helps. And thanks again… seriously, gear lists are in the top 5 on my list of stuff I want to read about this summer. :)

  2. wowpiggold says:

    Sweet….Everybody is gearing up for the upcoming MoP, especially that they announced already the release date, man this is far out. thanks a lot for sharing…

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