Mushan (beast)

When I created my hunter back in the summer of 2010, I made his name up in my head.  I typed it into the Character Creation screen, and I liked the way it looked.  I liked the way it sounded.  And it was a “good” name, in the sense that it was available on my server.  So I was off and running with it, and I’ve never looked back.  I still love the name, and have never regretted it or wished that I had made up something better for him.

With the release of Mists of Pandaria, several new creatures will be introduced into the game.

One of these, as most people know, is the mushan.

^^ I think it’s safe to say, I’m prettier…

My friend and former guildmate – and fellow hunter – Jacuzzi, came online shortly after the mushan were datamined and made public.  He asked me if I knew about them, and then happily told me that he plans on killing thousands of them for fun, just because I happen to share a name with their species name.  We shared a good laugh about that.

I know they weren’t named after me, because there are other players named Mushan, and I highly doubt that I am even the most decorated or skilled Mushan out there. And I didn’t start this blog until after they were announced, if I remember correctly.  Blizzard doesn’t know me from any other player, so I’m happy to rest on the idea that it’s just a coincidence – that I happen to have made an Asian-sounding name for my toon, and the new expansion has Asian themes.

What is interesting, though, is that I sometimes get page views from people searching for “mushan” on Google.  I know that they’re not looking for me, in most cases, unless they’ve typed in “mushan etc” or something to that effect.  People are interested in the new creatures of MoP, so naturally they are searching for the beast, not for me.  The mushan even drop meat that will be used in several recipes in MoP, including feasts, so there’s profession and gold-making value driving up the curiosity factor there.

The big sadface is that it looks like hunters aren’t able to tame them.  Imagine: Mushan, with a mushan pet named Mushan!  I would definitely do that, just for kicks.

Yes, I’m silly.

At any rate, Jacuzzi will not be the only one killing lots of mushan.  Perhaps he’ll be the only one killing them for the pleasure of spiting me, and that’s all well and good!  But I’ll be killing them for profit and for, um, lunch.

(And so there it is.  People who happen to find my blog while searching for this beast will now have a post to read about it!)

– – –

Thanks for reading this post by Mushan at Mushan, Etc.  Comments are welcome!


2 Comments on “Mushan (beast)”

  1. Laeleiweyn says:

    I’ll think of you when I kill thousands of them too. :-)

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