Site tweaks and blogrolls

Over the past few weeks, I’ve finally gotten off my butt and done some work on the blog, creating some blogrolls and tweaking the format a little.

The main update was creating blogrolls.  This happened a couple of weeks ago.  For the first six weeks of the blog’s life, I was too lazy to type in the links and set up the sidebar widgets.  However, they’re up now, and consist of most of my favorite WoW-related blogs, sites, and resources.  I’ve divided them into categories for hunters, druids, and transmogrification, along with a section for more general WoW blogs as well as resources such as Wowhead.

Actually, that’s about all that I’ve really done, come to think of it.  I’ve made some other slight tweaks, but they’re probably not worth mentioning – or trying to remember, for that matter.

One thing I’ve been contemplating is importing a few of my posts from my old WoW blog, which I stopped writing a couple of years ago.  However, I logged in to it last night, and after skimming through a few dozen posts, I decided to nix that idea.  There were two reasons for doing so: a) I just don’t feel like putting in the time it would take to sort through them all – there would be over 200 posts to go through – and b) I don’t really consider any of them to be all that pertinent to today’s WoW blog reader.

So instead of bringing any of those posts over for posterity, I made that blog private – which is just short of deleting it.  It was time to put it to bed for good.  I’d like to think I’m a better writer now anyway, and so much of the info is completely out of date that there just isn’t much value in it anymore, other than what I learned from the experience about writing and blogging.

That’s it – just an update on the site.  If you’re reading this on a reader, feel free to click to my site to check out the blogrolls!

– – –

Thanks for reading this post by Mushan at Mushan, Etc.  Comments are welcome!


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