Mists of Pandaria: Blacklisting battlegrounds (my choices)

WoW Insider PvP guru Olivia Grace posted a news item last night entitled Mists of Pandaria Beta: A first look at blacklisting battlegrounds (which was, conveniently, a natural followup to her Breakfast Topic: What’s your favorite Battleground? from yesterday morning).  Definitely check it out – the process of blacklisting is very clearly laid out, so I won’t repeat her words here.  But basically, when queueing for random BGs, you will be able to elect not to be queued for up to two BGs of your choice at a time.

This is a big, and very welcome, surprise to me.  Let me tell you…

My least favorite battlegrounds – by far – are Warsong Gulch and Twin Peaks, regardless of the toon I’m playing.  I don’t enjoy the format of flag capture as the sole measure of success, and this isn’t helped by the fact that, when I get a random WSG or TP, much of the time it’s part of a complete failure of a group.  I have had fun in each of them, but it’s been mostly fleeting.

Here’s a look at my combined record in BGs on Anacrusa (feral druid) and Mushan (hunter):

Battleground: Wins-Losses (Winning Percentage)

  1. Alterac Valley: 55-48 (53.40%)
  2. Isle of Conquest: 51-56 (47.66%)
  3. Arathi Basin: 71-86 (45.22%)
  4. Strand of the Ancients: 74-99 (42.77%)
  5. Twin Peaks: 18-30 (37.5%)
  6. Battle for Gilneas: 26-46 (36.11%)
  7. Eye of the Storm: 55-109 (33.54%)
  8. Warsong Gulch: 28-83 (25.23%)
  9. Totals: 378-557 (40.43%)

I would divide the current selection of battlegrounds into three categories, based on how I generally react when they pop (in order, first being my favorite):

1. Alterac Valley, 2. Arathi Basin, 3. Strand of the Ancients, 4. Isle of Conquest: “Alright, cool!”

5. Eye of the Storm, 6. Battle for Gilneas: “Meh… ok.”

7. Twin Peaks, 8. Warsong Gulch: “$#@&%!”

Yeah. In spite of my general lack of success in The Eye of the Storm, I don’t mind it.  You can win in a variety of ways, which appeals to me.  And in spite of my relative (to BfG and EotS) success* in Twin Peaks, I really just don’t enjoy it at all.  The same goes for Warsong Gulch.

*The bulk of that “success” came early on in Cataclysm.  Once Season 10 started, which brought the potential for more gear disparity (between new 85s and veterans), it seemed that the Alliance teams were under-geared and much less experienced than our opponents, and we were getting creamed regularly.  So I started opting out of TP and WSG after a particularly frustrating string of bad losses in those two BGs.  Yes, I’ve taken several dozen deserter debuffs in the past year, but I have more than one toon that can PvP, so that wasn’t a big problem for me, all things considered.  Not having to suffer through those two made the game more fun for me, most definitely.

Assuming that none of the MoP battlegrounds will completely blow chunks, these will be the two BGs that I blacklist whenever I queue in Mists of Pandaria, unless they have a Call to Arms weekend.

I am definitely excited about this feature, and will likely use it every single time I queue for a random BG.  And when TP or WSG happen to be Call to Arms, I will queue for randoms rather than Call to Arms, because I’ll take a eleven-ish percent chance over a 100% chance of getting one of them – every time.

– – –

Thanks for reading this post by Mushan at Mushan, Etc.  Comments are welcome!

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