Thunderbrew’s Jungle Punch: Ingredients may vary, but results are the same

Several months ago, when I was feeling particularly annoyed with my cat druid, I made a rogue.

Avacrusa works at Cutco, apparently…

It was the fifth time I had made one.  The first three never made it higher than level 14, and the fourth, who is currently an Auction House mule, is 29 and shall never reach level 30.  In fact, he’s in the queue to be deleted at some point in MoP – if not before – since Blizzard is only giving us one more character slot per server, rather than allowing us to roll 50 characters total in any combination we like.

I mean, I have to roll a hunter in MoP right?  If I didn’t, it’d be the first expansion that I didn’t since I started playing more than five years ago.  So there’s one slot taken right there.

Anyway, I made a new rogue that was almost a carbon copy of Anacrusa.  Night elf, same skin tone, same face, same markings, same hair.  Same name, other than one letter: Avacrusa.

Over time, things have changed – I gave her white hair and a different ‘do, because I felt it matched the gear I was transmogging her into, and also because of the absurd fact that playable Night Elves cannot have black hair in the game (hello, Illidan? and so on).  I would totally put black hair on a Night Elf.  Heck, I’d put it on Mushan.  It’d go great with the Black Dragonscale armor he’s wearing at the moment.

Anyway, I played her for a few hours, and the excitement wore off, and I leveled her sporadically thereafter, reaching 85 almost a month ago.  It was fun, but I didn’t love it.  Since then, I’ve hardly played her, which tells you something right there.  Ah well, at least I can finally say I didn’t delete this one.

Anyway, while I was questing in Sholazar Basin – one of my favorite zones in Northrend – I did the Nesingwary quests, which include the series of quests that revolve around Grimbooze Thunderbrew* and his Thunderbrew’s Jungle Punch.

*Grimbooze Thunderbrew is one of my all time favorite names in WoW, by the way!

The quest chain first requires you to gather papayas, oranges, and bananas out in Wildgrowth Mangal.  Then you make the Jungle Punch, following the strict, by-the-seat-of-his-pants instructions of “Tipsy” McManus.  Finally, you have to have administer a taste test to three particular people.

I’ve done this quest chain seven times, at least.  I’m not sure if I did it on my alt-druid, but the other max-level toons have all been through it.  Part of the fun of the second quest – Still At It – is that Tipsy will randomly have you add a papaya / orange / banana, light the brazier to add heat, or let out some pressure on the still.  After ten or so instructions, the punch is ready to taste.

Well, with Avacrusa, the punch seemed, at least to me, to come out a little lopsided.  Have a look:

“Heavy on the papayas! Oh, and add a banana. And hold the oranges!”

On this particular batch, the Jungle Punch consisted of four papayas, one ‘bananas’, and zero oranges.  I’d never had that happen before; usually, there was at least one of each fruit in the batch, with miscellaneous other instructions to fill the gaps.  But not this time.  This was Thunderbrew’s Jungle Punch, Papaya-Lovers Special!

However, The Taste Test, which requires you to have Hemet Nesingwary, Hadrius Harlowe, and Tamara Wobblesprocket take a swig of the stuff, is always the same.  Hemet loves it, Hadrius gets a real “kick” out of it, and Tamara says it tastes like engine degreaser.  So perhaps it doesn’t matter after all.  :)

– – –

Thanks for reading this post by Mushan at Mushan, Etc.  Comments are welcome!


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