Things are very, very quiet around here

Doin’ the Bear Twist

“Around here” meaning “in game.”

With the release of Diablo 3, the servers have been very quiet.  Guild chat has been very sparse; the friends list has been mostly gray.

We managed to get a fairly efficient full clear in with our regular raid team on Sunday night – and I finally got some loot for Mushan after a three week drought – but the alt raids didn’t even get started.  People are just more interested in playing D3, or doing other things.

I think it’s just that time of the year.

And I’m fine with that!  I’m not playing D3, but I’m enjoying hearing about it from my friends and reading about it on other blogs.  It’s interesting, though, that it appears that the only true WoW-killer seems to be Blizzard itself*.  Not that D3 will kill WoW at all, but I haven’t seen the server this dead in a long, long time!

*Well, that, and also the twelve years of anticipation.  And the Annual Pass.  Which isn’t hurting WoW at all, actually.

I’ve been taking the opportunity to do some different things, stray from my habits a little.

For instance, I did no extreme soloing at all last week; instead, I re-specced my soloing spec and took Mushan into a bunch of battlegrounds.  I picked up a second resil trinket this week, and I’m saving up for the 397 polearm, which will finally put me more in line with what my resilience level should probably be.  I should have that in the next week or so.

I’ve also been running dungeons on Anacrusa as a tank the past several days.  Since there’s really nothing else I can buy for my balance set, and I’m still considering making her a Guardian in Mists of Pandaria, I thought it would be fun to jump into the Hour of Twilight dungeons as a bear and give that a try.  It was generally pretty fun, although I felt like I was using Thrash and Swipe a little more than I would have liked for the sake of interesting game-play.  However, I haven’t really tanked – other than Alterac Valley / Isle of Conquest, once in BWD, and once in Firelands – since Wrath, so I’m not as in the swing of it as I was back then.

I’m not really interested in tanking LFR for now, and if we ever have any alt raids again, I’ll play balance.  But it’s fun to go into the HoT heroics and face-tank some Twilight wankers.  I probably won’t cap out on Valors each week through the end of Cataclysm, but it’s nice to do something different for a little change of pace.

Other than that, I’ve worked on a few achievements, done some daily quests, opened up a little bit of bank / bag space in preparation for MoP, and made a little gold, as usual.  There isn’t much going on to talk about, though.

Perhaps I’ll make the dreaded MoP bucket list… I mean, I’m going to make one anyway – at least in my head – so perhaps I should publish it!  We’ll see. :)

– – –

Thanks for reading this post by Mushan at Mushan, Etc.  Comments are welcome!


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