Griefers and asshats in Raid Finder

(A bit of a rant-y post.)

Friday night Raid Finder asshattery

Last night, I popped into Raid Finder on Anacrusa to pick up some gear and points to put toward a better feral set than I have at the moment.

Siege of Wyrmrest went fine.

Shortly thereafter, I got into a group that was on Madness of Deathwing.

I should have declined that queue.  I would have saved the repair bill, over an hour consisting of four wipes, and some of the poorest playing I have ever seen in there.

For anyone who has done Raid Finder, you know that there are people in almost every group that belittle others and act like they’re pros while they play like complete shit.  This is what I’m talking about.  I’m not talking about people who are stepping in for the first time, with a character that has just eeked over the ilvl minimum, or who have made mistakes.  I’m talking about blatant asshattery.

First of all, when I joined the group, they were waiting for a tank.  When one joined, he became the raid leader.  He made sure that everyone was ready, blah blah blah, and then proceeded to drop group within the first minute of the fight.  So that was nice.  We eventually wiped because – well – because of a lot of reasons.

People weren’t switching to the Mutated Corruption.  People weren’t switching to the Elementium Bolt.  The first two tries, we made it to the 4th platform, but we took the bolt damage all four times.  I was scratching and clawing away at the thing while it was in the timey wimey zone, and I watched many people continue to attack the Mutated Corruption – or worse, the Arm or Wing – like it was their favorite thing in the world to do.  So everyone was taking more damage than they should have, the tank couldn’t survive Impale and the explosion at the same time, and that was part of the story of this group.

Additionally, some people just decided not to switch to the Mutated Corruption at all.  And by some, I mean at least a quarter of the DPS.  As a result, the Mutated was taking forever to kill.  And because people were shooting the Arm/Wing, we got Hemorrhage a couple of times while the Mutated was still up.

I’ve never seen that before.

After a couple of attempts, we got that sorted out to some extent so that by the third try, almost everyone was switching to the Mutated, and more were switching to the Bolt, but by then we had two new tanks.  One of the tanks died on every platform and ate all of our battle rezzes, and the other, who zoned in specced as Arms, didn’t even attempt to change his spec in the 75 seconds or so before we started the fight, and then complained that he hadn’t had time to re-spec after he died on the second platform.

We also had a massive problem killing the Hemorrhages.  For instance, during our final wipe, when they popped when there was no Mutated Corruption still up, 80% of the DPS were happily pouring their efforts into the Wing, while a rogue, a mage, myself, and maybe one or two others were desperately trying to AoE them down.  What got me was that there was a hunter who was standing about six yards away from the pack of them, completely ignoring them, single targeting the Wing, and afterward he was complaining that it was the “worst LFR he’d ever been in.”  Yeah, you pro, I’m so glad you were there, doing things right, helping make a difference.

That guy was just one example.  There were too many of this kind of person in the group.  So I left.

My first mistake, I guess, was going in on Friday night.  But I was encouraged by the Siege of Wyrmrest run.  I shouldn’t have let myself be.  *shakes head*

– – –

Saturday afternoon Raid Finder griefing

Early this afternoon, I hopped into another RF, hoping that my luck would be better.  And it seemed that it was – we downed Ultraxion and Blackhorn with little trouble.

However, we had several people leave after Blackhorn, and things started to get ugly on Spine.

There was an attempt that someone started while we had no tanks.  There was one where someone started it with half of the healers still dead from the previous wipe, and there was a third premature start after that.  There was one where people were shooting extra Corruptions, and after they were told not to (and they stopped), I watched a rogue (ilvl 397, 4/8H) continue to attack an extra Corruption.  After a priest life-gripped him, he purposefully ran back, and when someone said “kick him” he said, “Why? I’m top DPS!”

I tabbed out at this point, typed his name into the armory, and found him.  I then typed, “[Name] is a troll.  He has 397 gear and is 4/8 heroic.  We’ll kick him after we wipe.”  He responded with “haha” and “your a retard.”  To which I replied, “Yes, I am obviously a retard.”

I hate when people talk like that.

Anyway, we kicked him after the wipe, but there was a new Balance druid in the group who proceeded to do the same thing on the next attempt.  The raid composition was fluctuating like crazy between attempts at this point, and I decided that, after over an hour of this kind of crap, I had better things to do on a Saturday.

So I’m blowing off some steam here, and then I’m going to go for a walk and enjoy the sunshine.

– – –

Big Bear Butt wrote a post recently about people like this, and I felt like I was experiencing his deja vu during these debacles over the past 24 hours.  His post goes way beyond mine to make the point that this kind of behavior – griefing, that is – makes the Raid Finder system broken.  In his words:

We asked Dalra not to kill the tentacles, we begged them, we told them they were kicked the second we wiped if they didn’t stop. They did it anyway, with grim dedication, and in total silence. No taunting, no smack talk, just a dedicated pursuit of wiping the raid.

And when we wiped, we did not kick them, because they left the second we wiped.

We queued, and Dalra was added back to the raid. And left on her own. And was added back. And again. AND AGAIN!

The LFR raid finder KEPT RETURNING DALRA BACK TO THE RAID, because Dalra had succeeded in wiping us once, knew we were going to kick her, so had left on her own and requeued AS A HEALER to find a new raid to screw over.

So, since they hadn’t been kicked from us, we kept getting her right back. Five times, in and left, in and left, with the raid in growing amazement at the way the system was being played.

We finally stopped queueing and did it short a healer.

That’s not just stupid, that’s broken.

Blizzard, anyone out there, I know you care, I know you’re trying.

Please. Just take action, let us find out what it is after you’ve got a plan, but fix this. To have asshats free to wreak havok to this extent on a raid is an embarrassment.

BBB said it, and he has a way better chance of being heard by Blizzard than I do.  I just wanted to be one of many who second the motion.

– – –

Closing thoughts

At this point, I’m glad that I don’t have to run Raid Finder any more.

My hunter and my druid can both raid functionally with adequate gear.  If I want to add more gear as a Feral druid, I can grind Valor Points in the Hour of Twilight heroics.  I rarely play my other hunter or mage, but I can do the same thing for them.  My warrior PvPs for gear, and my paladin and rogue have decent enough gear that, when I begin leveling them in MoP at some point, they should be fine.

I’m also glad that I am on a raid team, and while things are very quiet right now, when MoP arrives we’ll likely be working together to gear up, and eventually will make it past the point of needing the Raid Finder, at least on our main toons.

I think that Raid Finder will be better in the next tier.  I also have to admit that Friday night and Saturday afternoon can usually be a sampling of the worst in RF, but I’ve done it before, and this went beyond my other experiences.  The one issue that I see is that the Spine fight has a highly grief-able mechanic, which is the one related to the Corruptions spawning Amalgamations.  The other fights can handle one or two, or five, people that do the wrong thing.  That fight cannot.

I wonder if Blizzard will take that sort of question into consideration when creating the RF versions of the new raids in MoP.  Taking out mechanics that one or two people can screw the rest of the group with seems to be the name of the game with LFR anyway, right?

Grief-proofing the encounter in Raid Finder by doing something akin to making it impossible for another Amalgamation to spawn while the current one is still alive would fix many of the problems we see on that fight.  Another thing that would be nice would be if only people with Assist or Raid Leader status could start fights like that.  This would lessen the amount of trolling on that end.

It’ll be interesting to see how RF v. 2.0 turns out with respect to griefing / trolling issues that break a group’s ability to succeed, finish the raid, and move on.

– – –

Thanks for reading this post by Mushan at Mushan, Etc.  Comments are welcome!


2 Comments on “Griefers and asshats in Raid Finder”

  1. Jacuzzi says:

    This is the exact reason I rarely ran Raid Finder. I ran it a total of 3 times, and 2 times, I had the same issues. I’d rather earn my gear with my guild, or with people I know. I will help out my friends if they really need to go, but I will not run Raid Finder 2.0 once Mist comes out. The game is supposed to be fun, but with some of the people that play raid finder, its not worth the gear, or the headaches.

    • Mushan says:

      I remember doing one with you that we dropped on Ultraxion because it was such a disaster. :)

      I’m hoping that, for the beginning of the expansion and the following tiers, with more people playing and interested in gear, I’ll be in more groups with friends, which by definition allows for a higher percentage of people whom you know are good, and are working toward a similar goal (as a group/guild, not as a collection of random people).

      I’m not anti-pugging, but I think we’re at the place in the xpac where the best players are largely out of the picture, so you have a higher chance of meeting people who make others’ lives difficult.

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