A blogging mini-explosion on the night of the Diablo 3 launch

I thought about mentioning this on Twitter, but since I currently only have a half dozen Twitter followers, I’m in the odd position where the following comments are basically guaranteed to be seen by more people if I blog about them than if I tweet them.

(Thanks, by the way, to Laeleiweyn, Zanbon and Erinys, for adding me on Twitter even though I don’t say much there!  If anyone else is interested in following me, the link is in the blog’s sidebar.)


Tonight is the midnight (Pacific time) launch of Diablo 3.  People have been waiting for this game for more than a decade.  It’s a beyond-huge event.  It’s awesome.

On the other side…

I’m not playing D3.  I didn’t get the yearly pass.  I’m not terribly interested, which may seem lame, but I’m fine with it.  However, this leaves me in a weird place, because while D3 is THE story this week in RPG news – as far as I know – I won’t be writing about it.

What I do have to write about is how amazed I am by the amount of blog material I’ve been able to complete tonight.

Two nights ago, I wrote the posts that have appeared here in the past two days.  (As any blogger will tell you, it’s nice to have material ready to publish, completed, in the pipeline.)  At the time, I was happy to “be a couple of days ahead” of the curve, since there are some days that I just don’t feel like writing, which is why I am currently averaging around four posts a week in this blog’s young life.

Tonight, I’ve written three posts, and have three more ideas that I’ve turned into what I think of as starter posts, which means that I have more material than I know what to do with in the short run.  I will likely stagger and finish posts over the next several days, because I like the idea of publishing posts several days per week – rather than spewing out a bunch of stuff at once, followed by a longer dry spell.

However, that being said, there are times when I have something sitting in the queue, waiting to be published, and I’m thinking about what people might be thinking about some topic that I’ve written about when I realize, “Hey – you didn’t even publish that yet. Slow down there, Jumpy!”

I think it’s interesting that I’m having a great writing night when D3 is coming out.  It’s totally a coincidence; I’ve been pretty passive regarding D3 because I’ve known for a while now that I wouldn’t be getting it at launch.  However, as I sit here and write a good portion of a post, and then check Twitter to see all of the people talking about D3, it strikes me as somewhat odd.

However, it doesn’t surprise me that this could happen.  I’ve always been the guy who’s on a somewhat different path or wavelength.

I’m just glad that, six weeks into my new blog, I still have things to talk about.  The last blog I started faltered after a couple of weeks and never really recovered, so I’ll totally take the continued inspiration over that kind of situation!

– – –

Thanks for reading this post by Mushan at Mushan, Etc.  Comments are welcome!


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