How will we describe new talent builds in Mists of Pandaria?

Currently, Mushan, my hunter, raids with a rather cookie-cutter SV spec: 3-7-31.  He also runs old content with a soloing Marksman spec: 7-31-3.

In Cataclysm, as before (in general), specs are determined by talent trees.  As this is changing in Mists of Pandaria, it occurred to me the other day that, while the likelihood is that there will be less of a “cookie-cutter spec” mentality happening, there may still be common combinations used by players who fill some type of role: the utility builds, the soloing builds, the PvP builds, and so on.

So how might we see those popular builds described?

How will Larry tell Jim what his build is?  Will he say, “Yeah man, I’m running with an ‘Evasive / Silence / Iron / Ready / Trans / Bind’ build for PvP, because it gives me a good amount of (whatever)?”  I doubt it.  That’s a lot to try to roll off the tongue.

I wonder… I have this feeling that, with each class having three trees that are learned entirely by training in MoP, builds may start to become annotated in a variation of quaternary format (minus the zero, obviously).

Since there are three choices for each level of talents, and there are six levels of talents, which become available at each 15th level, players may start to use six-digit numbers to describe their builds for certain situations.  For instance, the hunter in the above example might say, ” Yeah man, I’m running 23-22-33 when I (activity-described-here).”   The “23-22-33” describes the talent choices in each of the six tiers, and then pairs them up to make double digits, which are easier to say than “two three two two three three” – or, at least, they are in my mind.  Or, perhaps “two-thirty-two, two-thirty-three” stated in groups of three will be the preferred descriptive method.

In these scenarios, with these methods of describing talent builds, knowledgable hunters – theoretically – would know what their peers are talking about.  If they don’t, that could be very easily remedied by looking at their own talent tabs.

I suppose another possibility is that players will describe certain talent builds with shortened names that resemble arena comps, but I’m not going to even begin to throw any ideas into that hat.  I’m just curious.

I’m not saying that either of these will become the new preferred methods – or that shorthand build names will even happen at all – I’m just wondering aloud what new talent combinations might be called.  The new talent system is changing, arguably for the better, and that leads me to think about random things like descriptors for builds.

Perhaps my ideas are completely off, and I don’t know that the concept actually has any importance whatsoever.  After all, part of the goal is to make talent options interesting and not necessarily have completely mandatory choices.  In Blizzard’s perfect vision, no talent would be completely ignored, and maybe they will approach that vision in MoP – at least in some cases.

Thinking about things like this is just something that happens in my brain occasionally.


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Thanks for reading this post by Mushan at Mushan, Etc.  Comments are welcome!

9 Comments on “How will we describe new talent builds in Mists of Pandaria?”

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  2. Rioriel says:

    Intriguing, y’know I’d never even thought about that! I’m hoping there’s somes accidentally amusinmg acronyms created through it. “Oh yeah, mine’s a level 90 RUBBERS lock!”

    • Mushan says:

      Yeah, exactly! It’ll be interesting to see how people are describing their specs after a month or two of MoP… or even during the pre-xpac patch.

  3. Aggy says:

    Expect the rush of newly made name/combos like there were for arena team compositions.

    I’m running my rogue with a fried banana spec, extra sprinkles!
    Not enough DPS on your mage? Why are you using the eternal sparkler spec?

    UGH. I don’t know what’s worse – the anticipation of the changes…or the dread of the new talent spec names…


  4. Don’t think about that way, Don’t try to come with labels, people should use this as an opportunity to do their own thing be their own person (player)

  5. dragonray says:

    I don’t think there will be, I mean the entire point – according to blizzard of course, is that there is no consistent specs for MoP. I am actually really excited about the idea of eing able to choose talents I want! :)

    I am so excited about everything in pandaland!

    • Mushan says:

      You may be correct! :)

      This was obviously a speculative post. I just wonder if things like this will happen or not. It’s likely that choice will reign in general, while there may be situational demands for certain talent combos.

      • dragonray says:

        Well they really stuffed up the “bring the player not the class” idea, so I am hoping they got this one right.

        Although the WoW community can be a bunch of jerks so I am sure as hell someone will start up arguments about why you pick double sheep over single sheep are right on the button.

        I do wonder what all the theory crafters are going to do now though? are they all out of jobs?

      • Mushan says:

        @dragonray Well, for hunters (for example), Frostheim has said that, yes, he would be very surprised if there were not optimal talents to take for certain situations, including DPS/raids. So I imagine there will be some of that happening despite the intentions of the developers. The theorycrafters will still be there to figure these things out, or at least to make their arguments for or against certain choices!

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