Back to Naxxramas (Thaddius-10 & Sapphiron-25)

Last Saturday, I made my way back to Naxxramas with a couple of goals: Thaddius-10 and Sapphiron 25.

First, the Construct Quarter:

Thaddius, April 28, 2012

With Patchwerk basically on farm and Grobbulus a pushover, I used the Gluth bug (Snake Trap + dismiss pet + FD = no more zombies) to turn him into a high-health trash mob.  That was a first try success, as it should have been.  Gluth legit is a fight I do want to work on at some point, but I had a terrible headache on Saturday that would not quit, so I wasn’t feeling up to it.  Once he was down, I jumped right into the Thaddius fight with no real plan, other than the knowledge that I had to try to kill Feugen and Stalagg somewhat close to the same time.  I basically brute forced that part, healing through the charge damage.  Then I made the jump, set to work on Thaddius, and soon he was down for the count.

After this, I decided to try Sapphiron-25, since Sapph-10 is so easy.  Sapphiron-25 – now that was a challenge!  It was admittedly more of a challenge than it probably should have been, but my headache was raging, so it was difficult to really give it my best for multiple long attempts.  It’s a long fight; Sapphiron has more than 200% more health than the 10-player version (13M-plus compared to 4M-ish), and the 15-minute enrage timer and constant Frost Aura damage made it necessary to do around 16K DPS overall while healing and using pet cooldowns, and including the time spent entombed in frost from Ice Bolt.

Our alt-raid was scheduled to start at 9:30PM, and after taking a short break, I decided to give my final try.  Right after I started the fight, the raid began to come together, so I was whispering the raid leader during air phases, telling him that it was my last attempt and so on.  Amazingly, I managed to pull together the right combination of trinkets (I did end up using Veil of Lies), pet heals and cooldowns, tightening up Chimera Shots to get the most out of my healing, and keeping up strong enough DPS while avoiding Chill, and I got him down!  It was a pretty awesome kill, and timely, as I was able to hop to my druid right after the kill and be on time to the alt-raid.

Unfortunately, since I abandoned ship so quickly, I forgot to take a screenshot, but since it would have looked the same as the Sapph-10 kill, I wasn’t terribly concerned.

Overall, it was a productive evening in Naxx.  I’m working on putting together the Heroes Crypstalker set, so I’ll be going back often – although not necessarily every week – and gradually working on some of the harder fights.  I’m currently 10/15 in 10-player, with KT, the Military Quarter, and Maexxna still to conquer.

It’s ridiculous how achievements rack up in old raids!

Oh, yeah.  I also tried Razuvious.  I made it to the point of having the understudies killed a couple of times, died horrible deaths, and then dropped that in favor of Sapphiron.  That fight is going to really suck, so it was a good decision, I think!

– – –

Thanks for reading this post by Mushan at Mushan, Etc.  Comments are welcome!

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