Letting go of a long-time main

Lissanna (Restokin) posted recently that she is seriously considering changing mains (away from her moonkin) after years of playing and writing about druids.  Unhappy with how balance plays in Dragon Soul, she’s also less than enthused about how druids are playing in beta, and is contemplating making the change after the Dragon Soul cycle, possibly to a mage.  (Check out her post for more info and comments.)

Changing mains is something I’m familiar with (previous post here).  While I really enjoyed the challenges and playstyle of the feral druid in Wrath of the Lich King, I soured on it, particularly for PvE, in Cataclysm, and am feeling even less positive about the spec in MoP.  While I’ve grown much more comfortable with balance, Anacrusa is no longer my main, as I’ve come to feel that playing my hunter is my greatest pleasure in WoW over the past year and a half.

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I definitely struggled with the switch as it evolved.  For the entirety of Cataclysm, my druid has remained my achievement leader, the character on which I prioritize reputations, professions, PvP, transmogrification, and so on.  I have used my hunter for the majority of my raiding during this expansion, although I have, as I said, grown comfortable enough with the balance “rotation” that I’ve generally been able to perform adequately in the raid encounters I’ve taken my druid into.

For a couple of years (2008 to late 2010), I was all about druids.  I loved playing one, felt a special affinity and familial relationship with other druids – particularly trees and kitties – in both the blogosphere and in game, and was “ever and always” excited about the prospects for the class.  I even rolled a second druid for the express purpose of learning the non-feral specs – a decision that proved fortuitous, both for learning that I don’t really have the mindset for healing and for learning the ways of the balance druid enough to convince me that balance was a viable possibility for my former main in Cataclysm.  At this point, though, that druid alt sits in Stormwind and occasionally makes glyphs for my other toons, and that’s about all it’s good for at this point.

Pulling away from my attachment to my druid, and druids in general, was made easier because of several factors.  Among them were: my own frustrations with playing the class; the retirements of several druid blogs that I followed, which eroded my sense of the community somewhat; the opening of my eyes to the vastness of – and the excitement within – the hunter community; and the sheer enjoyment I got from playing a hunter.  Playing a feral druid was great at one time, and playing a balance druid is functional; playing a hunter, on the other hand, is just awesome.

Personally, if I had changed my main from druid to mage, or to another class with the express intent of playing a high-dps class, I’m fairly certain that I would not enjoy the game as much.  Everyone is different in this regard.  Having an attachment to my main character is something that comes with my personality, and I haven’t ever been attached to another toon like I used to be with my druid, or am with my hunter now.  I enjoy occasionally playing my mage, or taking the hunter alt for a spin, or taking my prot warrior into battlegrounds, or leveling a different class.  However, the attachment to my main is strong.

I empathize with Lissana in her situation.  Ultimately, WoW comes down to doing what you enjoy.  If she finds that she enjoys another class more than her druid – and she’s certainly put plenty of time and focus into that toon and class, only to be disappointed with it over the past year-plus  – I recommend changing.  At the moment, she has a cute little gnome mage that she’s leveling, and I wish her the best with whichever toon she decides to make her new main, if she does go through with that choice.

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Thanks for reading this post by Mushan at Mushan, Etc.  Comments are welcome!


2 Comments on “Letting go of a long-time main”

  1. Saya says:

    Another druid here who is in pretty much the same situation hehe. Cataclysm really hit my beloved resto druid hard and I’m having a tough time letting go and choosing a new main for the next expansion. Like you, I have a strong attachment to my druid who is the very first character I rolled in WoW.

    The hunter sounds like a lot of fun! =)

    • Mushan says:

      It is a lot of fun!

      Best wishes on your search for a new main, Saya! It can be tough; hopefully you find something rewarding. :)

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