MoP Beta Build 15640 brings some clarifications, reversions, and Tier 14 set bonuses for hunters

Via WoW Hunters Hall via MMO-Champion, we have a list of the changes to hunters in the latest beta build.  From what I can see, the picture is becoming clearer as far as how hunters will play when the expansion goes live.

One of the nice things that we’re seeing is that some of the talents that were “mandatory” in Cataclysm are finally baked into abilities where they previously weren’t.  Here’s what things look like for Marksmanship and Survival hunters in particular:

Focus cost

  • Arcane Shot’s focus cost is back down to 22 focus;
  • Black Arrow now costs 35 focus;
  • Explosive Shot now costs 44 focus;
  • Chimera Shot now costs 44 focus.

It’s great to see the changes to focus cost for these abilities.  The un-talented focus costs in MoP beta were difficult to see as anything other than “they forgot to bake those talents in” rather than as new design, so it’s nice that they’ve finally clarified that for us.

Concussive Shot

  • Concussive Shot is back.  Glyph of Arcane Shot (which gave a base Concussive Shot effect to Arcane) is gone.

There was a lot of discussion about the disappearance of Concussive Shot and the new ability to glyph it to Arcane, and most hunters were not happy about it.  This separates the two, bringing back the no-focus, no-damage, and (as far as I can tell) run speed benefits that many hunters were eulogizing in the past several weeks, and frees up a glyph spot to boot.

Other reversions of note

  • Trap Mastery now also effects Black Arrow (cutting its cooldown by six seconds).
  • Black Arrow, with Trap Mastery, has been entirely reverted to its current talented state mechanically: instant shot, damage over 20 seconds, shares a CD with fire trap spells, procs Lock and Load.
  • Explosive Trap now procs Lock and Load.
  • Serpent Spread is back.

With these changes, the great SV reversion is in full swing, and it’s for the better, in my opinion.  The SV rotation has worked brilliantly in 4.3, and these changes bring back much of the flavor, mobility, and adaptability that SV hunters love about the spec.

Key changes

  • Powershot now deals 400% weapon damage, plus 100% weapon damage to all enemies between you and the target, which are four times the previous values (100%, 25%).
  • Silencing Shot now has a 40 yard range, up from 35 yards.
  • Call Beast has been renamed. It is now Dire Beast.  The tooltip is otherwise basically the same.
  • Rapid Recuperation no longer gives additional focus to Rapid Fire.
  • Glyph of Distracting Shot now directs the target to your pet for six seconds instead of to you.
  • Glyph of No Escape no longer effects Ice Trap.

And many of our important abilities have been buffed.  Please see the collected info at WHH for the complete list and tooltips.

Sad face on the Rapid Recuperation change, although this may simply be a balance issue.  I like the Silencing Shot change – outer range increase is never a bad thing.

The change to Glyph of Distracting Shot is extremely interesting, because it allows us to customize an important situational ability.  Sometimes, you know you want to pull something away from a tank, your pet, or a teammate, and Distracting Shot is great for that.  On the other hand, the glyph gives us an additional, temporary way to direct threat away from ourselves.  Either of these can be important in the right situation.  Extreme soloing applications (like Deathbringer Saurfang) and other ping-ponging situations come to mind.

Tier 14

  • 2-piece: Your Kill Command deals $10% additional damage, your Chimera Shot deals 15% additional damage, and your Explosive Shot deals 5% additional damage.
  • 4-piece: Increases the duration of your Bestial Wrath ability by 6 sec, increases the chance for Black Arrow to trigger Lock and Load by 20%, and increases the ranged attack speed granted by Steady Focus by an additional 10%.

It’s always interesting to see the set bonuses for a new tier, and there’s no difference here.  I’ll be interested to see how this actually looks in game – at this point, tooltips show different values for spells than what they are live, and as this is beta, it’s a safer bet that things will change than that they won’t.  However, all things being relative, these look reasonable for the time being.

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Thanks for reading this post by Mushan at Mushan, Etc.  Comments are welcome!

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