Sapphiron… was pretty easy to kill, quite honestly

Sapphiron is dead... again. April 20, 2012

Last night I went into Naxxramas again, with a few goals: 1) not screw up the Spore Loser (10) achievement again; 2) make some progress on Maexxna; 3) not wipe repeatedly on Patchwerk, now that I’ve downed him.

Two out of three isn’t too bad, I suppose.  Maexxna is tricky, so I need to work on it, but I didn’t get to her until late last night, and found that I was not in the mood.  I did however get Spore Loser, and killed Patchwerk with little trouble.

After failing at Maexxna a few times – and realizing that I just didn’t have the patience to run all the way back to her every time I wiped – I decided to give Sapphiron a try.  I knew it wouldn’t be difficult, but it turned out to be so easy that I think I’m going to try him on 25-man next time.  The fight is very simple – keep the pet alive, strafe to avoid Chill, be patient during Ice Bolt, shoot until dead.

This is basically my ‘line’ from last night:

It's modest, but it was fun.

I hadn’t even planned to do any soloing originally.  However, after I took Anacrusa into LFR and we ended up wiping on the Ultraxion trash, and then wiping again at about 20% on Ultraxion, and after having to hold back big-time on my damage due to massive aggro issues – a complaint for which one of the tanks responded by admitting to having broken gear – I decided that perhaps it was not the night to try to pick up the piece I need for the 4-piece bonus for her.  So Naxx it was, and it was a good decision, I think!

– – –

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