As I write this, I’m recovering from a night during which I had what seemed like a very long “bad dream.”  The dream involved watching two executions, which were performed in an electric chair that was hanging from a tree.  One of these was of a very old, very deranged man.  It was very disturbing.  It got worse when, later, I was in a park near the woods and the man came back as a feral gnome who could replicate himself.  He kidnapped a child from the park and ran, and although I caught two of “him” and tried to feed both copies of “him” to a weird monster that eats gnomes (by dropping them into the monster’s mouth from atop a large rock, of course), I never found the “him” that had the kidnapped child before I woke up.

Let’s just say that, after that, I had to get a glass of water and browse my reader for a half hour or so before attempting to sleep again.


Now, onward to this short little post.

Feeding Arngrim

Lately I’ve been entertaining myself by working on the Argent Tournament on Mushan, and I’ve been adding in a few Sons of Hodir dailies as well.  Hodir is almost over, because I was already revered on this toon from my days back in Wrath, and had a bunch of Relics of Ulduar on various toons, so today I will complete it and be done.

One of the quests, Feeding Arngrim, requires you to hurl Arngrim’s Tooth at a Roaming Jormungar, which makes it disembodied, and then weaken it.  I knew that, with my gear, I wanted to take it easy on the thing in order to not kill it, so I set my pet on passive, threw the Tooth at the first Jormungar, and let an Auto Shot fly.

BAM! Dead.


Well, my bags were almost full.  I couldn’t remove my gear and try this naked unless I wanted to fly back to Dun Niffelem and sell off 15 slots worth of trash, which I didn’t feel like doing.  So I removed my bow, threw the Tooth at another Jormungar, let it come to me, and (auto-)hit it with my staff.

BAM! Dead.

O… K…

So.  Here’s what I did:


Punching a level 80 Jormungar in my gear does in the range of 700-1700 damage per strike, which is fine on a 12,000 HP enemy, particularly since you only have to get 5 of them down to around 35% or so.  It takes about ten seconds per, but I was so fascinated watching my hunter punch the thing that I took several screenshots and didn’t mind the slow “kills” at all.

Personally, I think watching Mushan punch something is both pretty cool and awfully funny.  He also occasionally parries, which looks like he’s going to get his left hand bitten off.  And Kharta’s just standing there…

On my druid – who completed Sons of Hodir back when it was current (and a punishing rep grind) – I have options when I don’t want to kill something that’s several levels lower than me.  If I’m feral, I can cast Insect Swarm or Moonfire, and that usually does just enough damage for progress but not enough to one-shot.  As balance, I can go into cat or bear form and Auto Attack.  As a hunter, though, I had to throw down my weapons and get into a regular fisticuffs with the thing, while my cat preened its whiskers and maybe watched, maybe didn’t.  Cats can be that way sometimes.

– – –

Thanks for reading this post by Mushan at Mushan, Etc.  Comments are welcome!


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