Reverting Black Arrow MoP changes would be a great thing

WoW Hunters Hall brought to my attention, just now, a thread regarding the rather large changes Black Arrow was undergoing in Mists of Pandaria.

For comparison’s sake: Black Arrow is currently a 31-point ability in the Survival tree, an instant shot with a 24-second cooldown that damages the target over 20 seconds and can proc Lock-and-Load (via T.N.T.), which gives two cooldown-free, no-cost Explosive Shots.  It’s a staple of the SV rotation.

In Mists of Pandaria, Black Arrow was changed to have a 2-second cast, dealing instant damage with a smaller 20-second dot to the target and any other targets in its path while becoming our only source for Lock-and-Load procs.

I’ve heard/read a variety of reactions to these changes, although the range seems to be “tepid-to-angry”.

Personally, this change had me seriously considering dropping SV completely in MoP.  I enjoy having only one shot that isn’t instant (Cobra Shot) as Survival, and this would be negated with the MoP changes.  Therefore, unless SV was to be forced upon me due to balance issues between the hunter specializations, I was planning on going straight Marksmanship – which I enjoy slightly more anyway (for some reason) – for questing, raiding, extreme soloing, and PvP.

However, Ghostcrawler has responded to intelligent complaints on the forums:

We agree with you that the redesigned Black Arrow hasn’t worked out well yet, and even overlaps a little with the new Powershot talent. We are likely to revert Black Arrow to the 4.3 design.

This reversion would a terrific change in my opinion.  I was not at all excited about having to stationary-cast Black Arrow, or about feeling like I would have to line up the perfect line of mobs in order to maximize the AoE effect (what if you line up your shot, start casting, and mobs move around? that sort of thing).  With a removal of the BA changes, Survival will better retain both its flavor and effectiveness rather than removing what is, for me, one of its key upsides: mobility.

Hopefully, this will indeed come to pass.

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Thanks for reading this post by Mushan at Mushan, Etc.  Comments are welcome!


3 Comments on “Reverting Black Arrow MoP changes would be a great thing”

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  2. sesamee says:

    I hope they revert the MoP change. The 4.3 design works just fine. I am not looking forward to the potential for awkward positioning requirements that might be required to maximize the dps potential of the new BA.

    • Mushan says:

      Yes, and as Jujubiju said on the forums, if CC is used at all, Black Arrow becomes a potential CC-breaker, so you’d have to make sure any CC’d target is out of the flight line. I like the 4.3 design as well – it’s like they finally got it working very well, and were going to chuck it out the window.

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