Patchwerk down!

Patchwerk solo kill; April 4, 2012

Wait, is this a post from early 2009?

Nope.  It’s a post about soloing old instances.

Since some time in mid-Wrath, I’ve had an interest in soloing old instances.  At that time, I mainly concentrated on BC dungeons on my druid, bear-tanking my way through all of the regulars and, eventually, all of the heroics.  I did this mainly for the reputation, as well as to have a different experience from the massive boredom I was suffering in the then-current Wrath heroics – and the gold didn’t hurt either.  About four months before Cataclysm dropped, I decided to give healing a shot, for kicks, and, looking for an easy-to-obtain weapon, I targeted Forgemaster Garfrost, the first boss in Pit of Saron, on normal mode for his Unspeakable Secret.  Eight kills later, I had my weapon.

In Cataclysm, I went through a similar, although accelerated, process on my hunter.  As I was playing him more, I began working on those same reputations, as well as enjoying new challenges on my favorite toon.  In addition to BC dungeons, I tackled Skadi (H Utgarde Pinnacle) for a while in search of a mount drop, and tried out a few other Wrath heroics.

In January, I decided to try out some raids.  I went into Serpentshrine Cavern and worked through Hydross the Unstable, Leotheras the Blind, and Fathom Lord Karathress, picking up my Tier 5 2-piece set along the way.  I pulled Azshara once for fun, soon died, and went on my way happy.

Soon after that, I went into Naxxramas-10 – a raid I had never done as a hunter during Wrath – and downed the Plague Quarter (including getting The Safety Dance on my first try!), as well as Anub’Rekan and Grand Widow Faerlina in the Arachnid Quarter.  However, I hit a wall at Patchwerk, failing repeatedly against him.  When I decided to give up, I realized that, not only had I not equipped my new T5-2p set, but I was also in full PvP gear!  I was pretty annoyed with myself, and vowed to come in and attempt it again without unintentionally gimping myself.

When I went into Naxx again within the next week or so, I went straight to Patch and got to work.  I felt that I did fairly well, made improvements, and at one point after several tries I got him to 25% before I messed up a pet switch and FD’d out of the fight.  A few more attempts showed that I was not going to be getting any further that night, and so I left the instance.  Back in Stormwind, I was in for some disappointment.

I had my PvP gear on again.

I want to blame it all on transmogrification, because I had both sets transmogged to the same set at the time.  However, lack of preparedness is mostly to blame, I think.

I left Naxx alone for a while after that.  However, I went back in this past Tuesday night, with the T13 4-piece set and a 390 ilvl, determined to not mess up this time.

The Patchwerk strategy that I followed works well if you use a turtle pet, use his survivability cooldowns to absorb and heal through the Hateful Strikes, and then switch to another turtle pet for a fresh set of cooldowns, repeating as necessary.  Solo hunters generally use the following process to accomplish this trick:

  • Toss a Snake Trap at the boss’s feet.
  • Dismiss pet.
  • Feign Death to drop threat.  Boss attacks snakes.
  • Call new pet, direct him where you want him, and MD the boss to him.
  • Repeat until boss dies.
Of course, over the course of my attempts in January, I made just about every error one can make in attempting these switches.  I accidentally let my pet die.  I came out of FD too quickly after dismissing, and the boss came after me.  I had my pet on Assist instead of Passive, and he shot right to the boss when he was called and died due to the pet health bug, which is still present in-game.  I forgot to drop a snake trap before I dismissed my pet.  I accidentally dropped the trap at my feet instead of launching it, panicked, and FD’d anyway, resetting the boss.  And so on.

The PvP gear wasn’t the main problem – the problem was my execution.

Anyway, Tuesday night, I made eight attempts.  On the third attempt, I got him to 22% and let my pet die.  On the sixth attempt, I got him to 5%, but I was concentrating so intently on keeping my pet alive and executing the switches correctly that I lost track of time, and so my less-than-stellar DPS on that pull led to his enrage.  The eighth attempt, though, was the one where I put it together and executed while keeping my DPS where it needed to be.

It felt great!

By the way, with decent Valor/LFR gear or better, the Tier 5 bonus should be unnecessary for these types of fights, following Durendil‘s recent recommendation (for which I can’t find the link at the moment).  I went Marksmanship with my normal gear combined with the Veil of Lies, with Spirit Bond 2/2, Hunter vs. Wild 3/3, Glyph of Mending, and Chimera Shot for survivability, which works well.

Oh, I then went and took down Grobbulus.  Tank and spank all the way.  I set Phobos on him in the middle of the room and moved slowly in a circle clockwise around him to avoid the clouds that I dropped from the mutagen.  Very easy fight.

Grobbulus solo kill; April 4, 2012

At the time it was current, I got tired of Naxxramas after a while.  However, while some of its bosses are pretty easy to defeat if you know the mechanics, there are some fun challenges to be taken on as well.  I’m looking forward to trying my hand at some of the more interesting ones, such as Gluth, Razuvious, Maexxna, Gothic, and eventually Kel’Thuzad.  I’m not looking forward to The Four Horsemen, at the moment.


– – –

Thanks for reading this post by Mushan at Mushan, Etc.  Comments are welcome!


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